Bio filler masterbatch- an environmentally friendly material

by Tran Hoa Marketing

Bio filler masterbatch is used by many manufacturers. Recently, scientists have warned that the use and disposal of plastic bags will harm the environment because plastic will take several million years to decompose completely. Besides, bioplastic is the dominant trend of the plastic industry in the world. Bio filler masterbatch is operated on bioplastic bioplastic substrate, is this the salvage product for the plastic industry?

What is the problem that  Bio filler masterbatch has solve in manufacturers?

Before learning about Bio filler masterbatch, we need to understand bioplastics (Bio plastic). This plastic is made from environmental fuels, highly biodegradable but still ensures good and tough properties like virgin plastic and synthetic resins. The advantage of this line can be treated by molding molding technology, injection molding, extrusion blow, ... After throwing plastic bags from bioplastic materials, it can decompose into CO2, H2O, ... shorter than whole-plastic made products many times. This is considered a solution that does not pollute the environment like the plastic derived from petrochemicals.

In the filler masterbatch industry, bio plastic is the preferred material because it is polylactide (PLA) resin - easily found in vegetables or other organic substances. PLA plastic is composed of polymer chains so it is quite similar to PET plastic (with oil component).

filler masterbatch

Is Bio filler masterbatch produced by standards?

Bio filler masterbatch product is a granules form composed mostly of CaCO3 stone powder and BiO base resin. The advantage of this product line is its high self-biodegradability and international standards certification such as OK compost MSDS; FDA; Food contract.

In addition, the bio filler masterbatch can successfully complete plastic processing processes such as injection molding, extrusion, film blowing, etc. to create bio-plastic products with the desired shape of customers.

Bio filler product masterbatch is currently available in 70 countries. Besides, EuP also provides other products such as plastic fillers, plastic additives, colored plastic beads, ... based on the primary plastic PE, PP, HD, HIPS does not contain toxic impurities.

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