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Social media marketing is at its peak with more that 2.5 billion people logging in online to check their feed. A large number of social media networks have been created to lure in all kinds of audience. Some of us are interested in sharing pictures, some in videos others words. Whatever your need, you will find a suitable app to connect to. Of all these, Facebook and Twitter have the most experience. With more than a decade of content to showcase under the belt, they are the pinnacle of the network.

Facebook's lifestyle has been of a rollercoaster. Plenty of ups and downs but still standing tall. The metaphorical Godfather of the internet connecting more than 2.2 billion people together. Twitter has a lesser 335 millon users, but this is not to be under estimated. These audience are the ones on the go wanting to catch up the latest trending news as fast as possible. Both these sites have high end marketing tools that evolve with the changing times.


Statistics  are a good place to start to learn about marketing on Facebook and Twitter. Here is what comScore has reported on the global digital future. 

Facebook Statistics:

  • 75% of male internet users and 83% of female internet users are active on Facebook
  • 22% of the world currently uses Facebook
  • Facebook had 2 billion monthly active users at of the end of 2017

Twitter Statistics:

  • 81% of millennials check Twitter once a day
  • Twitter has 330 million monthly active users
  • 3 billion Twitter accounts have been created
  • 83% of the world’s leaders are on Twitter

The numbers don't lie. You can see a clear pattern here. Undoubtedly Facebook has the numbers. But Twitter is more used among the younger generation. 

Type of Audience

Learning about the kind of audience you are going to be interacting with is of prime importance. Know thy audience is the first point  carved onto the sacred stones of marketing. Find what works for you and go with it. Lets see in detail about the kind of audience Facebook and Twitter holds for us.


Facebook was once widely popular among the younger generation. Millennials were flocking here with their posts and shares. Lately though we have seen a drop in the percentage of engagement over Fb. Of course millennials do still use it, but not as much as they did, lets say 5 years ago. There has been a recent trend of members over the age  of 40 signing up. This is good news for the marketing circle. Mature people have a better engagement ratio and are constantly in the search for quality products. Another very important point to note is that Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp. Any Ad that you run on Facebook can be seamlessly run on Instagram too. Instagram has an audience base of 800 million people. If audience penetration is what you're looking for, Facebook is the right choice.


Fast paced! This is the phrase that nails it. 280 characters each trying to mean something. Something this short and speedy usually doesn't appeal to the baby boomers or older generation( Unless of course you are a celebrity who has 2 million followers). As you saw in the numbers of Twitter are quite less when compared to Facebook. Also a point to note is that it is not a place to attract the average consumer. Twitter has a news based feed. Usually populated by famous celebrities, politicians and journalists, the experience of scrolling through your twitter feed is something very different from what you would see on your Facebook feed. Trending topics and hashtags are where Twitter has firmly planted its flag. If you think that your product can benefit from such a space, go ahead!


The golden goose that every brand on social media is hunting for - Engagement. Forrester has done a study on the engagement levels for social media websites. The study was based on a raw data set of a random 1 million active users. 

Facebook had an engagement percentage of 0.7% of the 1 million users. This translates to around 7000 interactions. This is quite the number.

Twitter had an engagement percentage of 0.3% of the 1 million users. That's an average of 3000 interactions. Yes, it is lower than Facebook. Now here is a number that might surprise you. What social media app do you think has the record high engagement rate of 4.21% ? 

Instagram! Not to go off topic but that's a whopping 42100 user interactions! And who owns Instagram? Facebook. We have a clear winner in the engagement section.

Now what?

From the above statistics and discussions, it might feel like we have a clear winner. But the point to note here is that there are so many brands that have used Twitter to gain huge following as well. It all depends on the context. Now the most important point is that never resort to just one social media platform for marketing. Pivot and use all the platforms available. Just modify your content to attract audience of all types. Keep researching and soon you will learn the ropes. Adhuntt can provide a guided tour of how and where to get started if you are interested. Good luck with your brand journey!

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