Expert Moving Tips: 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving

by Martin Gray Content Writer

Expert Moving Tips 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving

When done correctly, moving does not have to be traumatic or daunting. Allowing enough time to pack and purchase the appropriate supplies can assist you in handling the process smoothly and effectively.

All you have to do is watch for the below-mentioned mistakes that might make the process a hassle.

Here are the top mistakes to avoid:

     1.       Not Preparing Enough

The first step in packing well is to plan ahead of time. Some people make the error of packing their belongings without planning. Make a mental note or write down your game plan for packing all of your belongings to prevent wasting time and money.

     2.       Insufficient Supplies

Another blunder made by homeowners is not having enough packing supplies. When you do not plan, this is what normally happens. You need to calculate how many boxes you will need for all your possessions. When deciding what packing goods to purchase, make sure to purchase enough or extra just in case.

     3.       Not Securing Stuff

It is not enough to organize and place your belongings in boxes; you must also secure them to prevent them from breaking. Instead of using paper bags or plastic bags, buy bubble wrap for extremely fragile things and package them in robust boxes. Take the time to wrap sensitive objects carefully and then get the appropriate tools for securing the boxes to prevent making this error.

     4.       Not getting rid of stuff

One of the easiest ways to make packing boxes easier (and save time and money) is to organize (and eliminate) the items you no longer desire and/or need. And failing to get rid of things is a waste of both time and money.

     5.       Overstuffing

Overstuffing your boxes is another costly packing blunder. Find out the capacity of each box before putting your belongings in it. Don't go over the top of each box's maximum. They might break if they do not. Do not place all heavier objects in the same box; they must be kept separate. Spread them out, and the remainder of the goods should be lighter.

     6.       Not Labeling boxes

This isn't the most serious packing rule, but it's a real pain to unload and unpack. You do not have to include every single item in each box, but you should identify them with the room they belong in and whether or not they contain anything fragile.

     7.      Not Packing an Essential Box/Bag

When it comes to showcasing your basics, packing an essential bag or box with all of the stuff you will need right quickly and the items you cannot afford to lose for any length of time. This may include medications and crucial documents, clothes for the first few days, basic hygiene, and a charger for your phone and any other electronic devices you need daily.

Whether you are moving locally or long-distance, packing is one of the most crucial steps. Just a single mistake can make the whole process a hassle. However, if you do not want to deal with packing, you may consider hiring Green Van Lines, full-service movers. The first moving company to understand that the moving industry has a negative impact on the environment and is constantly working to reduce the carbon footprint. They start with 100 percent recycled boxes and packing supplies and are environmentally conscious down to the organic cotton shirts on their backs. They have the knowledge and experience needed to properly wrap and safeguard your valuables, such as glass top tables, mirrors, picture frames, TVs, and antiques. The art of navigating and handling your piano or other big items is a forgotten art form among most moving firms, but one that Green Van Lines has perfected!

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