Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy - Pre-pregnancy Diet Chart

by Ryan M. Blogger
For a pregnant woman there is no effective medicine than food. Diet plays a very important role while preparing for pregnancy, it can have a significant impact on the fertility. You don’t have to wait for your pregnancy, in fact pre-pregnancy diet is as important as pregnancy diet, it is the initial stage of healthy lifestyle of mom and baby. The nutrition you intake will act as the building block for your child’s good health and growth.

Let’s see the list of food and nutrients you need to add to your diet and prepare your body for pregnancy:

Menu for fertility

Your pre-pregnancy planning list shouldn’t ignore fertility diet as it’s very important for your body during those months to come. Your menu for fertility should include:

  • Fibre-rich carbohydrates that’s available in fresh vegetable, fruits and whole grains
  • Whole milk or full-fat yogurt and cheese, everyday
  • Plenty of water

Bad for fertility

Alcohol, sugary aerated drinks and coffee is not good for your health, if you are planning for pregnancy. You need to reduce the consumption of coffee. Cut down the level of sugar intake. Also avoid food that contains listeria.

Include folic acid

Your pre-pregnancy diet should be rich in folic acid. Whole grain, citric fruits, vegetables and fortified cereals. You can also take supplements and prenatal vitamins to ensure healthy pregnancy.

Iron in diet

Iron deficiency or low of iron in body can make it difficult to conceive. The requirement of iron is important for pregnancy and health of the baby. Including iron in your diet will increase the flow of blood that will be required for you and your baby. Green vegetables, nuts (especially cashews), seeds, beans, whole wheat grains and dry fruits are rich in iron.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Not only during pregnancy, Omega-3 fatty acids plays a significant role in your diet even before getting pregnant. It helps in proper functioning of hormones. Consume flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts or fish servings.

Intake lots of fruits and vegetables

Remember junk food has no nutritional value, so no use of consuming it, in fact it is only going to harm your body. The best way to elevate nutrients is by consuming fresh fruits and vegetables. You need to eat more of them to stay healthy. Include vitamin and fibre in your meal. Both overweight and underweight can cause difficulty in conceiving, so make sure you maintain a diet that keeps your weight proper.

Protein-rich food

According to studies, high-quality proteins helps improve fertility. Intake proteins which contains essential amino acids. Eggs, specially egg whites, fish, meat poultry are rich food that your body would require. In case, if you are vegetarian, you can consume beans, legumes and soy products.

Calcium is essential too

Calcium helps in the growth of embryo, particularly calcium from dairy products is very healthy. Milk, yogurt, soy, cheese, green vegetables all are rich sources of calcium.

Before entering the pregnancy stage, it is very important to ensure that your body is healthy. These changes and additions in diet surely increases the chances of healthy pregnancy.

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