Do's and Don'ts of Creating Apparel Packaging with Box Manufacturers

by Ken Wilson Printing and packaging

Transcending in the apparel industry is a challenging task. The marketplace is dominated by a large number of established brands that customers swear by. To succeed here, new brands need to be fashion-forward in not just their apparel but also in their packaging. Box manufacturers are a modern solution to finding the perfect box fit.

The advent of e-commerce has unanimously improved the way people shop. Instead of visiting retail stores, customers select their favorite brands online from their laptops. The ordered products are delivered right on the customers’’ doors.  It has opened new doors for brand growth but has also posed new benchmarks of apparel packaging. 

Does this mean that customers demand a different shopping feel? No, if at all, they demand an even better purchase experience! The confidence that customers get when their shopping is packaged in premium boxes cannot be replaced. It adds to the overall apparel buying feel and gives them a good reason to repeat orders.

Brands have to keep in mind that the first customer contact decides their future brand choice. The focus must be on planning the customer reaction to the custom boxes so they can be altered likewise. The brand appeal depends on the packaging boxes. there are certain rules that apply to using box makers in this process. Even though they overtake all packaging issues, personal touch by brands is nevertheless, needed to provide customers with an intimate brand experience.

In this article, we will discuss how professional box makers are hired and their services are utilized to achieve an unmatchable apparel packaging mix.

Consider apparel packaging types

Clothes come in all shapes, sizes, and seasons. Can one box type fit all? Absolutely not!

There has to be variation in the box structure that pertains to the apparel being packaged. For instance, customers would be more pleased to receive their skiing boots in thick and strong boxes so they attach the same feeling to the shoes too. Skiing boots are much bigger in size than casual flip-flops that appeal better when boxed in sleek and compact boxes.

Box makers create suitable boxes only when the apparel manufacturers guide them on the required box measurements. Nike ships shoes in triangular boxes to stand out. Your assigned box designers are the right people to guide on the box shape depending on the product’s nature.

Next, the important part is to pick out the essential stock paper. Shipping requires more durable boxes as compared to transiting apparel to the local stores. Choosing the right packaging materials ensures the right aesthetic for the brand while protecting the contents until they reach the customers.

The good news is that folding cartons, corrugated mailer boxes, rigid boxes, cardboard tubes, and other custom box forms are attainable to make transport and product protection much more impactful.

Set customers as the point of reference

The purpose of creating alluring boxes is to impress buyers after all!

Box manufacturers are experienced in the field. Apparel sellers must determine and covey the customer demographic they wish to sell to. Sports tees cannot be sold to older customers. The packaging must resonate with the apparel type and customer group targeted. Otherwise, customers won’t know for sure if the product suits their requirements. The brands must assess:

·         The customers’ demand for the apparel items. for example, toddler clothes are packaged with cartoon characters to communicate the type of clothing packaged. If these come in bland boxes, it would be impossible to capture the parents’ attention.

·         The time of the year. Certain holidays and occasions call for specific packaging. Christmas is the busiest retailing period. Apparels are shipped and displayed in boxes that exhibit passion during such celebrations. Likewise, during sports events, the clothe are boxes in units that align with the spirit of the occasion. 

·         Box makers craft boxes for promotional events and introducing new products. Specialist boxes instantly enhance the brand’s prominence. Limited edition boxes make good souvenirs too. sellers must ensure that their core business values are reflected clearly on every box.

Pick boxes according to the apparel packaging style

How do you want to send apparel? Clothes can be packaged in a number of ways. Specific box types are made to keep the clothes intact in every form.

Folded: If you want to send clothes in a fold and box them in one unit then opting for folding cartons can work well.

Rolled: certain apparel items like tees and baby rompers are rolled to fit in the boxes. it saves up space and box material. Corrugated mailer boxes are a great option for them.

Hanged: Delicate and premium items come on a hanger. It works to keep the apparel wrinkle-free and safe during transit.  Again, folding cartons and side-locked boxes can be a good option for these.

Any packaging form can be accommodated. Sellers have to select the ones that instill customers’’ faith in the brand by delivering effectively.

Stick to the financial limits

The apparel industry is tense on the competition. Brands need to be investment conscious to remain in business in the future. Picking box makers to do the job saves time and stock paper. They guide you on how to present the apparel in the best way without overburdening the budget.

Sellers must define how much they can spend on the boxes. it has to be somewhere between spending adequately to improve branding and maintaining healthy bottom lines. Here are some tips to get you going:

·         Use light-weight materials. Corrugated is popular shipping material.

·         Package products together. Where feasible, stick products together. Shipment to one customer can be sent in one unit.

·         Reduce extra box cushioning. Rather the box density can be thickened for added protection.

·         Print marketing material on the boxes and save on advertisement costs.


When looking for the perfect box manufacturer for apparel packaging, we can help make the process effective and easy. Get in touch via our 24/7 helpline to impress more customers with sustainable and affordable packaging boxes. 

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