Create a unique unboxing experience with custom corrugated boxes and packaging

by Ken Wilson Printing and packaging
If you are an e-trader or rely on frequent shipping as the main means of distribution, then you need packaging that efficiently suits your core nature of business.

Packaging and changing times

Some eons ago, trading was done through the barter system. People exchanged goods for goods. Eventually, coins were invented and presented a store of value that allowed an easy exchange of goods. As civilizations evolved so did the trading system. People became more sophisticated and the standard of living rose. Due to enhanced inventions in every field, newer products came into the market, demanding better packaging methods. At first basic paper material and leaves were used to wrap around items to protect them. The ancient Egyptians first started producing paper by passing through thin layers of plant stems. The Chinese then created the first authentic paper from bamboo and mulberry fibers in 100ce. Paper production was commercialized in the 1400s and by the 1800s, a -continuous paper-making machine was patented. 

It was in the year 1856, that the first known corrugated material was patented for sweatband lining in tall hats of Victorian Englishmen. By 1857, the corrugated stock was used in packaging material for glass and kerosene lamp chimneys. Through most of the 1800s, various modifications were made on the corrugated paper to make it useable as effective packaging for products. Finally, in the year 1894, corrugated paper was slotted and cut to make the first boxes. These boxes were approved by the railroads as a valid shipping material and were used to ship cereals. In the years to come, these packages were creatively designed to suit changing shipment methods. Several Acts passed made it mandatory to make packaging safe for health and removed hazardous materials from boxes. The emergence of electronics in the areas of corrugated box designs, productions, machine control, and billing improved productivity and quality. In 1914, the freight charges on corrugated were deleted that paved the way for a massive expansion in the corrugated industry. In subsequent years, corrugated took over solid fireboard as the packaging of choice. During the early 1990s, the high-performance linerboard was introduced and pressure belted single facers were developed. The corrugated common footprint CCF was developed in the year 2000 as a standard for producing packages to serve retailers with innovative supply-chain solutions. Gradually equipment became available to customize these boxes as per clients’ demands.

Dissecting the corrugated stock

The custom corrugated boxes and packaging is made up of two main components; the liner and the medium. They both are made with a heavy paper called containerboard. The liner is the flat material on the outer or inner surfaces of the board. The medium is the paper that is formed into flutes or arches on the single facer and glued between the linerboard facings. There are different corrugated board types:

1.Single face board - One corrugated medium is glued to one flat sheet of linerboard.

2.Single wall board - The corrugated medium is glued between two sheets of linerboard. Also known as double face.

3.Double-wall board - Three sheets of linerboard with two mediums in between.

4.Triple wall board - Four sheets of linerboard with three mediums in between.

There are several benefits that boxes made from these materials provide. Some of these include:

  • Protection: These boxes contain rows of air columns known as fluting that provide cushioning for any packed product. Products delivered in their true state create happy customers and reduce replacement costs to the manufacturer.

  • Transportation – such boxes are easily transported and shipped along long routes. They make packaging convenient and hassle-free. The boxes can be aptly stacked on top of each other without taking up much space and do not add extra weight to the items packed inside.

  • Profitable selling – The corrugates stock costs lesser than conventional packages and gives an edge over the rivals. Manufacturers can utilize these cost cuttings to improve profits or to gain a competitive advantage through decreased prices.

  • Eco-friendly – this material is recyclable that supports the environment and enables the boxes to be effectively reused. This helps to save extra costs in availing of a large number of new boxes while projecting a positive image of the brand.

Get impactful personalized boxes

Custom corrugated boxes and packaging can be tailor-made in any shape and size to go well with your products. They can be used as a platform to promote the brand and prove vital in spreading enhanced brand recognition. Our team of stylists can add glamour to your boxes via colorful and exclusive designs that promptly catch customers’ attention. You can swiftly style your boxes with a plethora of embellishments and trustworthy services such as:

  • Plush coatings and laminations – to make the boxes damage proof and protect the printing from wearing off. These help to make the box durable too.
  • Exclusive add-ons – these include various options like window cutouts, ribbons & handles, hang tab, embossing, die-cutting, metallic inks, and many others. They aid in giving a distinct appeal to the brand and present it in a more prominent light among rivals.
  • A team of designated experts that give free assistance in carving the ideal boxes for you that are in line with your specifications. Moreover, they also strictly supervise every printed piece to curb mistakes and give improved results.
  • We offer the packaging in a variety of box types including:

1.One Piece Mailers
2.Pizza Style Boxes
3.Display Boxes
4.Kraft Corrugated Packaging

The retail industry is growing rapidly and is defined by a large number of traders. In this highly-competitive industry, it is crucial to stand differentiated from the crowd to make a strong impact on customers. Benefit from our quirky range of box styles to retain in people’s memories and compel them to choose your brand over the competition. We deliver these boxes in the shortest time with free of cost shipping & handling. Altogether, secure your products and make them the customers’ favorites by promoting the brand through artistic boxes.

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