Do you know these important things regarding vape cotton turn brown?

by Aanya Alberto A geeky girl and Vape Enthusiast
Often the vapers used to question that why does there vape cotton turns brown? However, before answering the question, one must know that cotton, especially organic cotton is the most used wicking material in the vaping community. It enhances the vaping flavors along with your experience.

Often after prolonged use, it is possible that the cotton turns brown or black. But that is not at all a matter of concern as most of the vapers know after a certain time the wick burns and tends to change the color. However, if the cotton turns brown quickly, then you must take the matter with concern.

• Ejuice can be a possible reason

In most of the cases, it is the Ejuice, for which the cotton turns brown. The sweeteners or the sugars in the Ejuice can be the reason to turn the cotton brown. Due to the heat, the sugar gets caramelize, which the cotton soaks. Therefore, the cotton also turns into brown.

Generally, it does not bother unless you will let the caramel residue continuously. The continuous residue will damage the coil and slowly it reduces the lifespan of the coil.   

brown vape cotton

• Look out for the VG of the Ejuice 

Another common reason for the cotton to turn brown is because of the VG of the juice. The main component of the vegetable glycerin is the plant oil, cosmetics, sweeteners. Therefore, if you are using a higher VG liquid the chance of turning the cotton to brown increases.

Those who use a higher PG based liquid will face the problem much less.

• The coil material

Apart from the liquid, the coil material can be an issue when it comes to the changing color of vape cotton into brown. In several cases, especially in the genesis atomizers, it is difficult to understand how to heat the coil in a proper manner.

If you will be able to manage the heat in the proper way, the lifespan of the vape cotton will increase and will not turn brown easily.

How to avoid vape cotton turning into brown

Changing the color of the vape cotton must not bother you unless it gives you a burnt taste. However, if you still want to keep your cotton clean, the first thing you must do is to shift to an e-juice which is less sweet. You must also change the cotton after one or two days of vaping as this will not let the cotton to get discolored.

• Final Words

Therefore, you can see that vape cotton turns into brown is a regular matter. You need to follow some basic things to prevent the vape cotton to turn into brown color. However, turning the color of the vape cotton must not bother one unless it affects the taste.

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