Allowing Employees to Vape at Work

by Aanya Alberto A geeky girl and Vape Enthusiast

Do you find it difficult to vape during the office hours? Have you repeatedly tried explaining to your seniors that vaping should be allowed alongside cigarette smoking but failed? 

Then you are not the only sufferer – many such individuals are tired of this debate trying to explain the difference between salt nicotine constituent in vaping and tobacco constituent in smoking to the higher-ups.


However, studies have proved that if vapers are allowed to practice their hobby at the workplace, then it definitely increases the productivity. Taking frequent breaks during the dull office hours actually boosts energy and increases work productivity by a huge amount. As per recent studies, if an employee is asked to take a short break after every one hour, he/she comes back to the task with more vigor & creative fuel.


In fact, salt nicotine, one of the four major ingredients of vape juice, awakens your senses and saves you from going into an afternoon slump. You do not have to face the downside of caffeine in order to stay awake and alert. The vape juice ingredients (vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine salt, flavorings) boosts a force and helps you to stay active. Going for a short vaping session also lets you get out into the sunlight, walk around, and come back with healthy vitamin D, and improved blood circulation in the legs. The employers who do not allow their resources to take a vaping break are actually reducing the energies and eventually harming the work productivity. Even they are contributing toward decreasing the long-term health of the employees by encouraging the harmful habit of tobacco smoking.


What makes vaping safer than smoking?


There is no logic behind this argument. People or rather corporate bosses, who try to debate on this topic, do not know that unlike smoking vaping is completely harmless. Smoking is associated with consuming 7,000 unknown chemicals of which 73 are cancer-causing agents. On the other hand, vapor is just simply vaporized form of a liquid that dissipates very fast. Vapers actually do not need the breaks to go out for a puff. They can enjoy the puff right at their desk. Unlike smoke (which is a result of combustion), vapor is not traced by smoke detectors. There is no smell and absolutely harmless.


Just like some people prefer chewing a gum while working, which allows for greater concentration on the work, taking frequent vape puffs also allows for higher level of concentration on the task.


Are you a wise boss?

Consider a situation, where your employees are getting up and walking to the smoking zone to take a puff. Have you calculated how many work hours in a day are lost for this? On the other hand, a vaper does not have to go anywhere else for vaping and waste productive time. He/she can just take the hands off of the work or of the keyboard and momentarily spend some time in vaping. Unless the employee has feeble humor sense of blowing huge clouds in the co-worker’s face or clutters up the workstation with various salt nicotine e juices, you can actually let him concentrate more on the work by letting him vape at his desk.

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