Benefits Of Using Organic Cotton Wick Vape Vs Ceramic Wicks

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What are the benefits of organic cotton wick over traditional cotton wick? It all depends on who you ask. If you ask a pro vaper, he would give you the right answer since he knows what works best. But if you ask a novice, he probably wouldn’t know the exact difference.

New vapers often are oblivious to whether or not their wicks are made of cotton or if they are ceramic. How do you tell the difference between vape cotton balls and ceramic wicks? Before purchasing how does the vaper know if the wick is ceramic or organic cotton?

Overview Of Cotton Wick Vape

Cotton wick became popular as more people started vaping. The cotton seems to be the best choice for absorbing e-juice delivered to the atomizer to be vaped. But cotton has drawbacks too. This mainly depends on the type of cotton you use.

Organic cotton is the best choice for vaping. Not any cotton will do when it is being used for a wick on a vape device. Regular or traditional cotton is bleached and contains chemicals.

But organic cotton is free from all chemicals and it is unbleached. It is better if you boil the organic cotton balls for 10 minutes, drain the water and then use to make a wick.

For many vapers, organic cotton is where they start vaping it and continue with it. However, there are others too who prefer switching wicking materials. Interestingly, they all return to organic cotton most of the time.

But there are also ceramic wicks, let us see what these are and how different these are from cotton wick vape.

Ceramic Wicks Overview

Ceramic wicks are also common among vapers due to increased lifespan. Since it is porous it draws the e-juice into it allowing it to heat for better flavor. But the disadvantage is that it has limited options available for tanks and coils.

Ceramic wicks can also get damaged making you inhale small amounts of microscopic jagged material. Now, over a certain period of time, this can give rise to serious complications. In fact, individuals who work with ceramic and other forms run the risk of suffering from silicosis.

Since the average person who vapes would use the device dozens to hundreds of times a week it could become a serious issue.

Cotton Wick Vs Ceramic Wick- What Differentiates The Two?

Generally, a visual inspection would help you identify the difference. Now, cotton wicks are noticeable compared to ceramic wicks.

One of the other differences lies within how they work to vaporize e-liquid. Ceramic is usually porous and the liquid being vaped gets absorbed through the pores.

With the cotton wick vape, the organic cotton absorbs the liquid you would vape in the shortest period of time before it burns out.

Ceramic wicks are supposed to provide you rich flavor. Organic cotton vape too offers you high flavor with good longevity as compared to ceramic wicks.

Also, the ceramic wicks are believed to soak excess juice and may pose serious health hazards. However, this is not the case with organic vaping cotton.

Organic vaping cotton is safe, free from chemicals or any impurities. Moreover, it can be used in all types of builds.

Which of the wicking material would you use? Did we miss out something? Share with us. 

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