What Must You Know About the Vape Cotton?

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One may ask that all kinds of cotton are cotton and why one must think about these things too much? However, for the vapers who love the vaping know it very well that picking the wrong cotton can end up in a mess. For an overwhelming vaping experience, one needs the best cotton for vaping. You’ll need high-quality cotton to reach your full performance potential of the vaping session. Remember that among the different types of wicks, it is the cotton which most of the vapers prefer. But what about the beginners who have just started vaping? The current post will address the queries related to vape cotton.

What type of cotton one must use?

If you will buy a pack of vape cotton from the local vape store or order it online, you will find them look the same as the cotton balls. However, it is not and they are different in several matters. The Vape cotton is undyed, unbleached, and untreated cotton which is specially designed for the vaping purpose. The vape cotton is better heat resistant and of better quality for sure. Further, the absorption power of the vape cotton is more than of the other cotton. The normal cotton balls available in your local pharmacy will not help you to get the expected and desired flavor outcome.

Can the regular cotton be used for vaping?

The simple answer is no. the cotton balls available in the local pharmacy stores can be harmful when it will be used for vaping. Most of the cotton are prepared for medical and cosmetic use which are dyed and bleached. The best cotton for vaping is the cotton that you will get in the vape stores. However, some vapers try to boil the cotton available in the pharmacy to make it better for vaping. But don’t you think that is too much wastage of time. 

How to find the best vaping cotton?

As it is already pointed out that cotton is a matter of choice. Several brands are there in the market selling the cotton. Like many vapers, you can also have a preference for flavor over vapor. Therefore, you must consider the following things to ensure that you get the best out of the cotton.

  • Brand preference
  • Flavor preference
  • The wattage at which you vape
  • MTL vs. DTL vaping
  • The coil resistance

Therefore, the new vapers must think of these issues when they are picking the cotton for vape.

How often to change cotton wick?

It completely depends on the frequency of vaping. If you are a frequent vaper then you may need to change the cotton even twice a week. Further, no matter that you use the best cotton for vaping, but in case of changing e-liquid, you must change the cotton wick too.

Final Words

Therefore, over here you have seen that how the cotton wick is important for a proper vaping experience. The current post is all about the vapes cotton.

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