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by Manoj Singh rathore Digital Marketing Head and Founder
Basically to export this config file as a module and it should actually export with an ass and within this exports object, I notice that it's just an object. digital agencies Bangalore going to top digital agencies give back entry and output and then what to do. Kind of in between. So the entry will look like this entry key and this you can just give it a string that represents the entry point of your app. So ours is going to be in the source directory which currently we have nothing in. 

So you know what. Before we tell it where to look. Let's actually create just kind of a simple javascript file here. So this one will just be let's just call it App Store. Yes. And this is where we're going to put our ESX code. So I'll just do a simple test will do conc my name was Chris and digital agencies Bangalore know when we have babbel compile it's going to change it from cost to var. That's one way to just do a simple quick test. Now the entry relative to this file will be in dot slash source slash app dot. Yes, that's the entry point of our javascript file.

Some important points for top ranking:-
  •  That means we need an output. So this woman will give an object to and essentially we are going to use path here. And again we use that so it acts consistently across different operating systems and just makes sure that relative paths work as expected anyway. 
  • The output we give it a path key here and we're going to use path dot resolves so grabbing the path here. The path doesn't resolve and the way this works is digital agencies Bangalore give it you know the Dern name.
  • So it was telling it to look relative to where it is and we want it to output in public so name public that's the directory name it's going to put the output file into next. We give it a file name let's call it well we can just call it pop. 
  • Yes, that's totally fine as well. All right so as for entering output that's going to be good enough for now. The next thing we need to do is configure a loader and what a loader does is we tell it what files should be transformed.
  • And it does what is known as a task kind of test. Is this a javascript file or is this I don't know a CSSA file if it is a javascript file. What do you want me to do to it? And that looks like that. So we do.
  • The module gives it an object and then it takes basically a rules key where you will define the rules so here we will say I need you to test and we should probably create this as an object. digital agencies Bangalore want you to test this and you give it some Redjacket basically so that U.S. dollar sign and all of this is saying is OK if it detects that the file we're giving it is a javascript file. 

No. Jay asks if it's a javascript file loader do you want it to use. And first of all, we want to make sure that we exclude certain files so we don't ever want to run this on our node modules directory because there's thousands and thousands and thousands of lines of code in here. We definitely want to exclude that. Always make sure you exclude node modules like so and we want to use. We're going to need to install it here but we want to use Babbel loader case so this is similar to what we did with golpe we're basically telling it OK entries start here.

Ideas for making a better strategy:-
  1. Once we do our processing I want you to put it here and then as for the rules of test javascript files if they are javascript files as long as they're not in node modules use this Babbel loader and the loader will basically do the transformation. 
  2. We want to have happened. So this will transform it and then eventually output it in this path with the name app. J.S. it and that's done in marginal rules. So eventually this will resolve too much with Dot rules but you don't need to worry about that. 
  3. OK. So digital agencies Bangalore just need to make sure that we install Babbel loader at this point configure Babbel to run how we want it to run and that should be all we need at this point. So let's go ahead and grab those packages. 
  4. We would do NPM install that saves dev. We are going to grab babbel dash loader at the same time we were going to grab babbel dash core. Finally, at the same time, we are going to grab Babel Daut preset Dasch. 
  5. Yes. OK, so this should grab three things here and save them as dev dependencies. Let's make sure that it does run as expected. So that's going to take a second to do. Just waiting. 
  6. All right. So grab those things that we need. So digital agencies Bangalore are going to be able to use Babbel loader as is currently we didn't tell it to do anything in terms of Babel. 

But let's see if we can't get the web to run as is currently. So we can use an NPM script for that go to our package Jaison fill out a script and we'll just call it web pack and we are just going to use web packs CLID command line interface to run whatever logic we have. So let's test it out. digital agencies Bangalore going to NPM run web PAC where PAC is basically going to look at this config file and it should give us something in the public folder. Currently, there's nothing there. 

Let's try to. So NPM runs web PACK and looks like it did something. Looks like it worked. Right, it did it in milliseconds.

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