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Now we can go to a local host refresh and there we go. And those sorts maps by the way if top digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad go to sources in your chrome dev tools you can find that and it's under here. Web pack and it's not the built-in stuff it's here. You can check out our files so it kind of keeps them separate. For debugging purposes right here we can see SEO services in India showing us the decompiled that yes code but that's totally fine. Right, so we understand how to read code we can look at this and if something is causing an error we can tinker around with it in here and just kind of look at it. So that's what our source maps do. And so that's our dev tool. 

So that's what backed dev server. Very nice very easy to use. And now top digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad are well on your way to developing in a really modern toolchain. That so what is artificial intelligence. Well, when you think of artificial intelligence you think of something you see in a science fiction movie that is a robot that like me that has computers for brains and is doing things that humans do. This is not exactly what artificial intelligence is when it comes to the practicality of it today. Basically what artificial intelligence is is a bunch of code that mimics certain tasks. 

The way it works is that when it comes to automation most people think of car factories where a robot comes in does a very specific task and that's all of us. Artificial intelligence is very similar to that. So a lot of really narrow situations that make a big hole in that big hole and actually get you and get you more results. But for the most part, top digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad is not like there is a robot that is interacting with this issue. So again what artificial intelligence is essentially data science and training models to make predictions on that data. So you get a graph and graph kind of moves you can trace a model to predict the next items here. 

Why companies adopt digital marketing strategy?
So if you haven't seen a stock market stock and you want to predict the next or the next predictions for the next day week month is that right. top digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad wouldn't go through all of its past and you would try to figure out which would work and eventually you might get an answer now. Artificial intelligence isn't in C right now and you've probably heard the news that automation might take away jobs. The reason why it's so powerful is that tests will flow which is what a lot of people use is now available to everyone so anyone can pick something and make it work for that and a good example that has low uses is either was a cucumber farmer and the trees small to pick on that cucumber.

 And it was actually pretty hard for humans to do it but the machine all of those and all that no vision computer vision like facial recognition or funny was in a video or a picture. It's something that is really powerful. So top digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad heard of Tom's cars like Tesla is trying to make there is intelligence to work with just can't do more things make it a car. Such is life. And satellite recognition. But what you want to do specifically is make everything work with just the cameras. So this can if you were to put this video here into our official tells us you could realize it is a human is so good that you can figure out what's happened what it is.

why is it important?
  1.  You can figure out my eyes are closed or I'm smiling or not this is not science fiction. This is actually the way it works. This again it takes little pieces and overarching what it does is it gives you reliable data. 
  2. Now, of course, this data is found all right by a storm prediction is actually really tough to do because of the stock market while it is not completely random or is something you can get a slightly better percent or less.
  3. In fact, you'll probably see more great games in the future as there are definitely ones on Wall Street working on this problem right now. But top digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad will be able to get reliable data but not all.
  4.  And as we get better is going to get more exponential. So how do we start off? Well, we have a huge pile and while there are other ways you can do one-quarter Melvern less which recently came out as well. 
  5. I thought it was good because there's a bunch of wineries like this that will help them do graphs and think of artificial intelligence UV-A graphs and predictions of those data on a graph and a bunch of little narrow ideas and little learning situations more overlarge into some data for you. 

So just keep in mind when you start artificial intelligence is that it is not for beginners. It is actually very complicated and there's a lot of math. Hey guys. Now the first step to building and running Python top digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad programs is going to be to set up an environment that will allow us to do so easily. There are lots of ways we can go about doing this and Makka actually provides a built-in version of Python which we can then combine with any kind of a text editor and run through the terminal. 

However, we're going to do things differently top digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad actually going to download a nice ide called Python which will allow us to build and run our Python projects with ease in one nice interface.

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