Causes of Skin Ageing and Probiotic Anti-Ageing Products

by Kriben Govender Health Advisor
Nobody likes to look older than one actually might be. Wrinkles and ‘grey hairs’ (as mentioned by Shakespeare in his play, Julius Caesar) might prove very valuable in terms of experience but truth is who wants to look old when he/ she looks at him/her-self on the mirror? There are quite a lot of habits and/or behaviors which might be the actual cause(s) of Premature Aging. If the signs are visible, it seems apt that he/she might want to change his/her lifestyle.

Due to several reasons, today most people today, look way older than they actually are. What do you do? Well, it is important to be knowledgeable, (someone had rightly said, “knowledge is power”)! Therefore, it is only just that one has knowledge about the causes of early aging as well as of physical “weapons” against Aging. However these day, in Australia, several Online Anti-Ageing Products

What is ageing?

The process of naturally and gracefully growing older is basically called ‘ageing’. But in this case it refers to a condition in which a person seems to growing older much before time. There are several factors that cause aging, ranging from sun to severe weather conditions, along with many bad habits.

Causes of Ageing

•    Smoking and Drinking: Time and time again doctors remind us of the great harm we cause to our bodies by smoking and drinking. The skin on the face of a smoker or a drunkard is often dry and discolored, much like an old man. Why? Well, probably because the skin requires a particular amount of hydration, collagen, elastin and oxygen in order to have a youthful look.

•    The Sun, The Cold, and The Moisture:  Age spots appear on people’s skin, especially on people who might have to spend hours in the sun because of the harmful UV rays. In case of one who has to spend in too severe cold climates, their skin tends to become thin and wrinkles develop very quickly. In both these cases, the aging is due to lack of moisture in the skin. Regular moisturizing should prevent such early ageing.

•    Diet: The food habit you maintain can either give you youthful look or could cause you to look old. Fast food, sugars, excess of processed or dairy products etc. could accelerate could the immature aging. If you choose healthy food like fruits and vegetables and lessen the intake of the above-mentioned foods, could alleviate the premature ageing.

Other causes are Wight-gain, stress and so on.

Probiotics- Do They Help?

Yes indeed! The live bacteria as well as yeast which are advantageous to the body-health, particularly the gastrointestinal system is referred to as “Probiotics”. Thus, Probiotics are every so often talked about as "good” or “helpful” bacteria, which help in keeping the gastrointestinal system healthy.
Some of their functions are as follows:

1.    Help in wrinkle prevention by eliminating the contaminants which cause ageing.
2.    Protects the skin from harmful bacteria and pollutants thus strengthening skin barrier.
3.    Probiotics help in upholding moisture, which in term prevents wrinkles and thus prevents ageing of skin.

If you are looking for Online Anti-Ageing Products in Australia, check out Nourishmeorganics for a grand collection of their probiotic skin-care products.

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