Eat Gut Superfoods regularly in Moorabbin to improve your overall health

by Kriben Govender Health Advisor

A recent research performed by the Institute of Sport in Canberra, Australia and published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine revealed that having the right balance of gut bacteria may be the key for enjoying long and healthy life.

Over millions of year, our bodies had evolved to not only live in harmony with the bacteria but also to depend on them for certain essential metabolic functions-especially gut bacteria.

How Gut Superfoods improve digestion?

Digestion of an individual is improved efficiently when they consume gut Superfoods, which contain probiotics. The probiotics supplements in Moorabbin produces lactobacillus which helps ferment indigestible carbohydrates easily.

It also aids in the complete breakdown of sugars in different dairy products. Lactobacillus bacteria produce lactic acid as a by-product of its fermentation. Lactic acids improve the release of digestive juices and enzymes from the stomach, gallbladder, and pancreas. You should Buy Gut Superfoods in Australia to increase the absorption of minerals such as iron, calcium, copper, and magnesium. Our intestinal microflora performs very specific functions that improve our ability to digest the food that we consume. 

However, it is essential to understand that benefits of gut Superfoods extend well beyond digestion. Some of the non-digestive benefits of gut Superfoods are briefly discussed below.

How Gut Bacteria Contributes to Longer Life?

The more diverse our bacterial flora is, the more effective it is and the better our overall health tends to be.

How Gut Superfoods/probiotics improve immune health?

A stronger immune system is one of the most well-known non-digestive benefits of consuming gut Superfoods regularly in Australia. It produces substances that our bodies use to fortify our defenses against bacteria.  

Research carried out in one of the reputed Australian university has shown that the bacteria living in our intestines prevent pathogens from seeping out of your GI tract and into the body.

How gut Superfoods improves cholesterol levels?

Cholesterol produced in our body by the liver is converted into bile acids.  The bile acids are stored in the gall balder and are used for helping digest fat. These acids end up in the colon where they are either destroyed or excreted in bowel movement.

People who don’t consume sufficient amount of fiber often have too much microflora (harmful bacteria) in their GI tract. Unwanted pathogenic microflora attack bile acids and they break the acids down into several substances, including a highly toxic product known as lithocholate. Lithocholate causes the liver to convert less cholesterol into bile acids.

Eating gut Superfoods maintains the balance of “good” bacteria into our body. Probiotics keep the bile acid intact and hence our body excretes more cholesterol.

How Gut Superfoods regulate hormone level?

The estrogen in our body is neither reactivated nor reabsorbed when the bacterial flora in our body is out of balance. Instead, it (estrogen) is lost in the stool.

Water retention, breast soreness, osteoporosis, PMS, severe menstrual cramps, migraine headache, and slow menstrual cycles are some of the health issues associated with low estrogen level in the body. In the GI tract, an enzyme (Beta-glucoronidase) is produced by our gut Superfoods that reactivates the estrogen level so it can be reabsorbed into the body.

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