Should you switch to Probiotic Cleaning Products or Is It Hype?

by Kriben Govender Health Advisor
Is there something sticky on the floor of your home?  Is there some type of dirt tracked through the entry way of your home? Is strange smell coming out of your bathroom and kitchen? If your answer is yes, then it is time to clean your house. But what if we told you that the chemical cleaning products you are using to clean your kitchen, bathroom and other areas of your home are doing more harm than good?

Conventional cleaning products such as disinfectants are not only dangerous to your health but also to the health of everyone else in your home (plants and animals).  In addition, conventional cleaning products are not always effective at removing biofilms. What are biofilms? These are symbiotic colonies of bacteria, yeast and fungi that cannot be removed without agitation.

Why switch to probiotics cleaning products?

What if you can clean your home with good bacteria? Probiotics cleaning products effectively balances the “bad” and “good” bacteria in your home to create a healthy environment.

You may already know the importance of taking probiotic supplement in your daily diet. Did you know that you could clean your home with probiotics cleaning products? Commonly used cleaning products may not be healthy as most of the chemical cleaning products contain potentially toxic ingredients.

Many people have recognized the dangers of cleaning our homes with disinfectants, chemicals and other harmful toxins.  As per recent study, it was concluded that over 400 children per year in Australia are treated in an emergency department as a result of being poisoned in their home due to toxic household cleaners.
Household cleaners vs. probiotic cleaners

Chemical household cleaners create an imbalance by removing both good as well as bad bacteria. It leaves the potential for an overgrowth of bad bacteria. Interestingly, many countries have banned antibacterial cleaning products because manufacturers couldn’t provide proof that the ingredients (used in the manufacturing of antibacterial cleaning products) were safe for daily use over a long duration. 

In addition, the overuse of chemical cleaners may also lead to the creation of superbugs that are drug resistant. These superbugs become tolerance for the chemicals that are trying to eliminate them. The other factors to take into account here is biofilm.  As per the recent research conducted by an Australian University, biofilms account for over 80 per cent of microbial infections in the body. These are extremely difficult to eliminate by using conventional cleaning products. The same study concluded that probiotic cleaning is efficient in not only controlling surface microbial contamination but also in lowering drug-resistant species.

Where to buy probiotics cleanings?

One of the best ways to purchase probiotics cleaning is through different online portals. Due to their wide distribution network and strong logistic support, the Online Probiotic Cleaning Products are timely delivered at the client’s end.  These cleaning products are available in standardized packaging to ensure that their quality is never compromised at the online stores’ end.

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