Burning calories is important for children, it is also important to burn them

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People of all ages need the right calories. It is also important for children to take special care of calories because it is important for their mental and physical development. However, it is also important to know how many calories a child needs. Appetite increases around ten years in girls and twelve years in boys because their physical and mental development is rapid during this time. It is also important for parents to know about calories for children because at this age, they get the benefit of consuming calories in the future. Calories are the energy taken by food. The body demands more calories during adolescence than at any time of life.


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Why are calories important for children


Children's body needs calories for energy. However, consuming too many calories and consuming less activity does not burn calories, which can also cause weight gain.


How good the calories are for children also depends on their food. Most food and drink items contain calories. Other foods such as peanuts have very high calories.



Some people try to lose weight, they take care of how many calories they take in a day. Most children do not need to do this, but all children need a healthy and balanced diet. The right amount of calories should be taken care of for children. It should not be too much and not too little. In both cases it can cause problems for the child. But, do you know how many calories are right for your children.

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How much calories are needed for children


Each child is of different weight and different texture. Every person's body burns energy at different rates, so how many calories are right for children also depends on their body and age. However, there is a limit of calories for most children between the ages of 6 and 12 years. It can be 1,600 to 2,200 calories everyday. The need of calories for children also depends on how active they are throughout the day.


When children reach puberty, girls need more calories than before, but they need fewer calories than boys. As soon as the boys arrive at Puberty, they may need 2,500 to 3,000 calories every day. Especially if they are very active. But, whether it is girls or boys, children who are more active and prefer to walk throughout the day need more calories than children who like to sit.


It is necessary to know and maintain calories in children. If you consume more calories than necessary, the body turns extra calories into fat. Too much fat can cause weight gain and other health problems. Only your doctor can tell that you are overweight, so if you are upset, talk to your doctor.


It is important for parents to know high calorie food for children. Foods with high calories Sweet soda, candy and fast food increase more calories in less time. Take a healthy balance diet instead. It is also important for children to exercise and play, because physical activities burn calories.



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Nutrients are a good option for children to take calories

Nutrient proteins, carbohydrates and good fats in food act as energy sources of the body.


There are 4 calories in every single gram of protein and carbohydrate.

It has twice the calories in fat, 9 calories can be taken from every one gram of it.

Protein is the companion of calories for children

Of the three nutrients, we should not worry too much about protein. Not because it is not necessary but because 50% of our body weight is due to protein. Protein can meet calorie needs for children.


The best sources of protein that children like:


  • Meat
  • Chicken
  • fish
  • Egg
  • cottage cheese


Carbohydrate calories for children


Complex carbs give a lot of energy. Most doctors recommend that complex carbohydrates provide 50% to 60% of the required calories of tins. On the other hand, simple carbs are liked by people due to their sweet taste. However, they provide very few calories. It should be at least in the diet.

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Dietary fat fulfills calorie needs for children


Fat should be only 30% of the diet. Exceeding it can be harmful for children. Fat gives energy and fat also helps the body absorb fat-soluble vitamins: vitamins A, D, E, and K. Fatty food contains cholesterol. Increasing cholesterol also causes different problems in children.




How does the body use calories for children?


Your body needs calories to operate. Now whether it is beating the heart or breathing of the lungs. Calories for children are also necessary for developing the body. The body gets calories from different types of food.


It is a good idea for children to be part of an activity and stay active for an hour or more every day. Doing any kind of activity is a good way for children to burn calories. It states that being active every day keeps your body strong and can help you maintain a healthy weight.


Watching TV and playing video games burn very few calories which is why you should do these activities for a limited time. A person burns only one calorie per minute while watching TV.

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