These 7 Food items can cause Acidity

by GoMedii Technologies Health Consultant

We all feel very good after taking a heavy diet, but do you know that after taking a heavy diet sometimes we start having problems like heartburn and indigestion?

We all feel very good after taking a heavy diet, but do you know that after taking a heavy diet sometimes we start having problems like heartburn and indigestion? Well, after eating certain foods that are universally problematic, you get acidity. This happens due to some highly acidic foods, which our body cannot digest easily. As a result, acidity starts forming. 

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If you are having frequent problems with acid reflux then now is the time to try to get to the root of it. Instead, choose some easily digestible foods that regulate the acid in your stomach. There are some food items which can cause acidity, let us know about them:

1. Chocolate:

The chocolate test rarely likes anyone, but it can prove to be very harmful to your stomach. In fact, there are three reasons which make chocolate a bad choice for those people who are often troubled by acid. First of all, there are other substances such as caffeine and theobromine, which cause acid. Second, there is a lot of fat in it, which also causes the acid and the third is its additional cocoa content, which is also responsible for promoting reflux. We are not asking you to stop eating chocolate, but are advising you to take a limited amount to avoid these problems.


2. Leave:

Acid-producing soda and other carbonated drinks are responsible in the stomach. The bubbles of carbonation spread inside the stomach. Increasing pressure irritates. Capsicum is also found in soda, which contributes to the formation of acids.

3. Alcohol:

Various alcoholic beverages like beer and wine not only increase gastric acid in the stomach but also dehydrate the body and make acid. In addition, even if you are taking alcohol, do not mix it with soda or carbonated drinks.

4. Caffeine

It is okay to drink a cup of coffee or tea in a day; excessive intake of it can make you a victim of acidity because it contains more caffeine content. Caffeine consumes gastric acid in the stomach, which leads to acidity. Never drink empty stomach tea or coffee.

5. Spicy food

A high intake of spicy food has a bad effect on our health. Chilies, hot masala, and pepper are all-natural and acidic. Eating them starts to form acid. These can be healthy if you consume them in a limited amount.

6. Fatty Food

Fatty foods are highly acidic and they last longer in the stomach, thereby increasing the likelihood of acidity. Avoid eating too much fried food, and meat, it takes a lot of time to digest. Instead, lean meats and baked foods make them look more healthy.

7. Citrus fruits

Undoubtedly fruits are healthy, however, if some sour fruits are eaten empty stomach, then it can cause acidity. Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, tomatoes, berries are highly acidic and can lead to heartburn. Never eat an empty stomach in these fruits.

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