Best Ways to Get Your iPhone's Battery Problems Fixed

by Kulminder Singh FixMyMobile

Are you one of those iPhone users complaining about your iPhone's battery health? Is it draining rapidly? There might be countless reasons for iPhone battery issues and fixes to get rid of them. iOS battery draining problems are common, and a novel iOS update drains the battery due to some of the significant changes to your iPhone features. 

Here we have added all the tips and tricks for fixing your iPhone battery-draining issues asap. In case the problem can't be fixed with the mentioned tips, you may contact FixMyMobile, the best iPhone repair center in Delhi. Let's walk you through 5 simple fixes to prevent your battery from draining quickly!

  1. Toggle on auto-brightness to prevent draining your iPhone's battery

Auto brightness features on the iPhone balance the screen lighting according to the surrounding light levels. It protects your device from faster battery drain by wasting it on the redundant screen brightness. Follow the steps below to safeguard your battery on your device by enabling auto-brightness:

  • Open your iPhone's "Settings" app, and search for Accessibility.

  • Select "Display & Text Size."

  • Go to the bottom, and "Auto-Brightness" must be toggled on.

  1. Disable background application refresh

Another best way to resolve the iPhone's battery draining fast issue is by disabling background app refresh. As every application works in the background, recovering new data, in case some seem to be a little dubious, inspect them with this. Follow the steps below to disable background app refresh:

  • Open Settings.

  • Opt for General > Background App Refresh.

  • Choose the software or apps you would like to disable to stop the battery from dying quickly.

One of the primary causes why your phone loses power so quickly is background app refreshes, which you may block for all apps or just those which are draining your iPhone battery. Your app alerts won't be affected if you disable background refresh. In case you find it difficult to fix this issue, Apple repair center will always be at your service! 

  1. Use Wi-Fi or Flight Mode to impede battery from draining in low reception regions

In case a protected Wi-Fi network is available, you must log into it instead of using your mobile data. Moreover, if you're outside the home and in a region with a poor internet connection, using your iPhone to search for a signal constantly will lead to faster battery draining. Follow the steps below to stop the iPhone battery draining issue:

  • Swiping down from the top-right corner of the display will bring up the "Control Centre."

  • Swipe up the home button from the screen's bottom. 

  • Hit the Airplane mode symbol.

  • When the symbol turns orange, it means the airplane mode is enabled. 

  • Then, the iPhone will not search for a network. 

  1. Turn off iPhone's vibration

Every time your iPhone vibrates for a notification, typing on the keyboard, or phone call, it drains a certain amount of battery. In case your device is sounding for calls and notifications, having vibration toggled on is a redundant battery sink. Follow the steps below to turn off iPhone's vibration:

  • Open Settings.

  • Head to Sounds & Haptics to toggle if your iPhone vibrates on silent, ring, or nothing. 

  • Turn off the Haptics for the iPhone's keyboard by opting for "Keyboard Feedback" and toggling off "Haptic." Unluckily, this beneficial feature can drain your iPhone's battery. 

Is your iPhone not vibrating? Is the iPhone not ringing? There could be another issue that needs to be fixed. Contact the Apple repair center in Delhi to get an instant solution! 

  1. Toggle on Reduce Motion to prevent battery draining

The surge in animations, which pop up with novel software features, can cause faster iPhone battery draining. If you've been cherishing these alluring effects in the Messages application, you're using animations that need plenty of iPhone battery life. For your iPhone's battery to last longer, you must turn on "Reduce Motion" using the instructions below:

  • Navigate to "Settings" and choose "Accessibility" from the list.

  • Turn on "Reduce Motion" from Motion.

  • Switch on "Prefer Crossfade Transitions."

  • You may turn off "Autoplay Message Effects" and "Autoplay Video Previews" to preserve battery life. 


These are the top 5 fixes to keep in check if your iPhone's battery drains rapidly instead of waiting. Instead of expecting the battery to run out completely, connect your gadget any time you are at your desk or in the car. To repair your iPhone if it is broken, Visit Us Now.

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