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by Kulminder Singh FixMyMobile
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Willing to buy an old or refurbished iPhone?

Draw your mind to some unrevealed aspects that may entail attention as it comes without warranty or any other benefit that is accompanied with new iPhones. Moreover, no user would reveal the lethal secrets about his handsets you need to inquire about them by yourself. Therefore, before buying make sure, it worth your investment and you can use it for a long run.

Moreover, the iPhone market has many counterfeit models where spotting the original one is extremely difficult. Even if you get the original one there are chances that its features may be running out of the processor may be buggy enough to use. Open your eagle eye to buy a used iPhone and focus on these few things:

  1. Ask for the IMEI

Asking for and getting an IMEI is as important as getting the door keys, you must no avoid it; it should be the first preference. An IMEI is a 15-digit identification number that comes with every handset and is unique for all. IMEI number ensures that the phone is not reported as stolen or is blocked by Apple. It is important to confirm IMEI on meeting as a wicked seller can provide you a stolen IMEI too. Dial *#06# on the phone. If you find the same number appearing on the screen, the Phone is genuine.

  1. Test the battery

If possible,ask the user to hand the phone over to you for the day or two, it will let you know about the battery life of Phone. Use all the features of the phone simultaneously and see if it hangs or not. The battery of used iPhone runs generally for 10-11 hours on 3G network. The battery can be renewed with a new one.

  1. Inspect for the phone has no water damage.

Splitting tea coffee of water on the iPhone is the dire problem faced by its users. Water damage is common among phones, be it an expensive iPhone. They are also prone to water damage if not handle with care. Moreover, these water damages are not covered under any kind of warranty provided by Apple. Buying an old water-damaged phone is of no worth and daunting too, as its life reduces when exposed to water.

How to check liquid damage- these phones come with Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI), which will turn red if get in contact with the liquid. For this, you can check the SIM card slot of the phone.

  1. Check the iPhone for damage

It is an obvious tip, which should not be underrated. Check the scratches and dents on the screen as it enhances the risk of it getting broken.

Check for the Cosmetic damage such as dents, hairline cracks, and scrapes. Ensure the speaker is well functional. Play some audio on full volume and confirm it sound clarity and volume, also try to perceive sound by microphone connectivity. If you encounter any issue then either return the phone or ask for the part’s replacement. Other than this check for everything, including:

  • Buttons - Check for Home button, side buttons, and every area of the screen is responsive to your touch.

  • Microphones - Plug-in microphone and check if everything is audible.

  • Ports - insert charge in the port and check it is working well or performing speedy/delayed charging.

  1. Check Camera and Picture quality

For an avid photographer or poser, camera quality matters a lot. While buying a used iPhone inspect for the camera and picture quality by taking pictures and making videos. iPhone's cameras are given with high resolution and click appealing and clear pictures. Even the used phones display the same quality. If possible, click a picture and compare it with a new one. To check video quality, make short videos for 5 minutes video to check if it functions well without hanging. Check both front and rear camera with flesh working on every click, and all camera operations are working actively.

  1. Connectivity

Ensure phone’s wireless connections are well functional by doing the followings:

  • Insert your SIM card and make calls and messages

This could be a lengthy task if the phone is not activated with an Apple account, you need to create an account first, and then only it will work. Now, if all this is not functional then surely phone could be locked to a carrier which can be reset with few efforts or by visiting an Apple store.

  • Check its Wi-Fi connectivity

Navigate to Settings > Wi-Fi>network selection. If you are aware of a Wi-Fi network that is available around and is not visible on the screen, then the phone has some issue. Get it resolved or return the phone. There is nothing without Wi-Fi these days.


  • Check Bluetooth connectivity.

This can be done through Settings > Bluetooth, and toggle it “on.” If available, a few devices with be visible on the screen. Try to connect with any of them. If paired successfully it is all well functional.

We’ve told you the things that you must not forget to check while buying a used iPhone. If you are dealing for iPhone with your relatives, then also, don’t be lenient, as Apple needs great investment money. You can get iPhone for online platforms or from the apple store itself which provide you with refurbished phones which are somehow similar to new ones or are least used. These iPhones go through apple quality check and are provided with warranty too.

If you are living in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon or any region within NCR, you can also take that used phone to FixMyMobile to get it tested. We can help you in choosing the right phone. Additionally, you can ask us to repair your iPhone, if you already have one.

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