What makes your iPhone Slow and When to Get it Repaired?

by Kulminder Singh FixMyMobile

We are habitant of a planet, where living without a phone is almost like remaining disconnected from the whole world, work, family, friends and social media. If your iPhone is getting slower and functioning in a way that gives you a headache, it may lend you in trouble soon.

The common early signs of this trouble are:

·         Messages appearing on screen after several seconds of typing.

·         Slowly-working or hanging apps

·         Difficulty in making calls

·         Crashing apps

If it’s happening to your iPhone, you must be willing to know the cause of why is it acting like a sloth, no?

Check out the possible reasons and best suggestions on when to get it repaired so that you can again enjoy a speedily-working mobile device:

The Reasons why your iPhone working Slow:

1.      You have cluttered it so badly!

We call it ‘running out of space’.

If you store a lot of apps, music, and images on your iPhone, the storage space may get filled very quickly. It could happen within a matter of days, or in a day if you have transferred a massive amount of data to it. Once the remaining storage space hits 10% of the total, the real trouble starts. It will slow down the mobile phone to a great extent.

Solution: Declutter, declutter!

2.      So many Mobile apps.

Have too many apps, huh?

There are fair chances that you have excessive or heavy apps in your Apple mobile phone. After a certain memory limit [as per your iPhone’s configuration], it won’t be able to bear them. As applications are assigned separate memory than the user data/media, you’ll need to keep a check on whether your app storage is overloaded or is well-managed.

Solution: You’ll need to give up on some of your apps this time :(


           Speed Throttling

Well, this is not really your fault. Apple has recently announced that it (on purpose) slows down some of its devices. It happens when your phone’s batteries are becoming weak, it is charging slowly, or the weather is bad. The conditions are applied to old models specifically.

Solution: Get new batteries or update your Model.


      An overloaded RAM

Opening a lot of programs at a time can reduce the performance of MAC, iPhone, and iPads. Whenever you open an app, home screen doesn't close the rest opened apps on itself. As the RAM storage is designed to handle all opened app together, its efficiency will remain compromised. Result – Slow working.

Solution: Get rid of your habit of pressing back button all the time! The apps, which keep running in the background, show drastic impacts on the phone’s software. Keep clearing/closing the apps, not in use.


      Software Updates

Your smartphone automatically updates the apps and software unknowingly. The updated version takes more amount of storage space compared to the old version. This reduces the internal storage space of your mobile.

Solution: You’ll have to keep a check on how much extra app storage you have. If it’s too less, drop off some insignificant apps from your phone.


     Background Activities of Some Apps

Even if no app is running in the foreground, your iPhone has a lot to go in the background. Have you noticed that we get message/emails/notifications even when we’ve closed the app? It means that the apps run continuously in the background, thus, reduce the speed of your iPhone.

Solution: Change Apps’ update and notification setting. If some apps look unnecessarily pushing notification to you, just disable notifications for them.


            Uncertain Causes of iPhone Getting Slow

Apart from the issues enlisted above, there could be many internal software and hardware issues. In such case, take your phone to iPhone Service and Repair Center in Delhi.

Solution: DIY phone repair is NOT the best solution to service for all iPhone because there are a number of risks involved in it. Instead, look for Professional iPhone repairs in Delhi who can help you to get your phone fixed and enhance the speed of software. The professionals can do it perfectly without damaging your precious mobile.

When should you get the iPhone repaired?

The real question now!

When the above reasons are not matching your iPhone’s condition, better is to stay away from your own DIY tricks. Your phone has precious data and costs a lot, so better is to get help from iPhone repair centers and the experts working there.

Again, make sure you are not handling it to a newbie just to save some bucks.

As we all know that iPhone are expensive, you need to be careful while giving to a service center. It is essential to pick the best service and repair center near to you.

Tip: Check if Fix My Mobile is located near you. If it is, reach there for best services.

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