Best Tools for PHP Developers

by Judi T. Web and application developer
Best Tools for PHP Developers

If you have the questions like which are the best and most popular PHP development tools out there then read on as you will get the answers to your questions here. The tools which we will discuss here will help the beginner as well as an expert PHP developer. Actually PHP is a popular back-end programming language which enables you to create, simple, dynamic and reliable websites quickly and effortlessly. Around 80% of the websites on internet have been created using PHP only. If you want to learn PHP and join the great community of PHP developers then you must be looking for the essential tools to start with. Here we are giving you a list of best and most popular PHP tools which will make your PHP development process lot more easier and quicker. Documentation for Reference Purpose
Whether you are a PHP Developer or developer of any other programming language, it requires a reference documentation from where you can learn and use the programming features in your project. The most popular reference material and documentation for PHP developers is available at website. You can either manual bookmark this website on your browser or you can download it on your desktop. This documentation covers everything from PHP installation and configuration to a full list of language references and features. No one can remember everything hence this tool will help you a lot to look something up quickly.

Become a member of GitHub Community
GitHub is a contributor platform which has been built on top of a distributed version control system Git. If you are a PHP developer then GitGub can be very beneficial for you as you can share and work with other developers. GitHub has several open source software where you can not only contribute but learn a lot. You can learn Git Basics here.
Use Xdebug to Eliminate Bugs
Xdebug is a popular and very useful debugger and profiler tool for PHP. You can use it to test your code. It will assist you in debugging and development process. It will also save your valuable time and make you relax while you develop and complete a PHP project.
Composer for PHP
Composer is a dependency manager for PHP development which enables you to manage both dependencies of other PHP software and the libraries at single place. Composer can save lots of your time and effort. Composer has changed the way PHP projects are developed and is very popular among PHP developers whether beginner or expert.
Testing with PHPUnit
You may have to write unit tests in PHP. Hence PHPUnit can be very useful for you as it is a programmer oriented unit testing framework for PHP and it a popular tool among PHP developers and experts. Hence you should use PHPUnit for successfully testing your PHP projects.

PHPStorm is a great and very useful tool for PHP developers. It is actually a PHP IDE created by JetBrains. It can be integrated into other tools which we have discussed above. PHPStorm can work with many frameworks like Magento, CakePHP, WordPress, Drupral, Laravel etc. It has inbuilt developer tools using which you can carry out the routine tasks from the IDE itself. This IDE can understand your code and offers valuable features like code completion, error prevention etc. to help you write efficient and effective codes.
We have just discussed the important and valuable tools and resources for you which you can use in your PHP development. These tools will help you a lot in developing, testing and delivering PHP project, doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an expert PHP developer.

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