10 Best UI Animation Tools for Designers and Developers

by Hariom Balhara Digital Marketing Manager

The animation could be defined as the process of drawing, designing, and making layout along with preparing photographic sequences to be integrated into the gaming products and multimedia. It involves managing and exploiting still images for generating the illusion of the movement. Animators use several computer technologies for capturing still images, and then they animate these captured still images in the photographic sequences they desired.

Animation has advanced a lot, which has helped the modern era of animation and entertainment in gaining new heights. All significant industries, including Cartoon serials and television advertisements, are using techniques of multimedia and animation. Moreover, the animation is useful when it comes to present the features and details of your product more exceptionally and intuitively. These modern designs can provide better user interface design along with a great user experience.

Here is the list of 10 Best UI Animation tools that are going to be much more beneficial for the designers and animation industry.

  1. Origami

UI Animation Tools

The free user interface tool has been created by Facebook, which can be used by the designers for creating animations and interactions quickly. The designers can drag and drop the components from the library of user interface components for creating animations. However, the animation tool has some drawbacks, too, such as the users need to use it from the developer’s angle for creating designs and animations. Also, it is only suitable for Mac, and the interactions are mouse-driven, along with having a steep learning curve.

  1. Adobe After Effects

UI Animation Tools

The animation tool is considered one of the best user interface tools and also the first choice of animators and designers. The 2.5 D animation software is used for visual effects, animation, and the composition of a motion picture. The designers can use the animation software for combining the layers of images and videos in the same particular scene. Also, the animation software works seamlessly with other tools of Adobe, including Adobe Fonts, Adobe Portfolio, and Adobe Spark, along with providing cloud storage of 1000GB. But, the animation software has too many features resulting in the steep learning curve. Also, the integration of heavy composting software in the tool, along with utilizing too much RAM, led the tool to take a long time while previewing and rendering the larger file.

  1. Framer

UI Animation Tools

The open-source animation software designed for interactive animation is based on JavaScript. It has an integrated workflow, which makes the tool capable of importing images in Sketch and Photoshop. The animation software has all the necessary features required for drawing everything, including intricate illustrations to custom icons. The store of the animation tool is filled with massive resources for designing interactive animation. But, the tool is only suitable for Mac and results in a lot of repetitive work due to interoperability with the means of the mainstream.

  1. Flinto

UI Animation Tools

The comprehensive and lightweight user interface animation tool allow the designers to create animated and interactive prototypes for web applications, mobile, desktop, and other apps. It has the perfect integration with Figma and Sketch and has inbuilt gestures such as double tap, tap, touchdown, long tap, and swipe. The designers can use the provided tools in the animation software for creating animations based on transitions. Also, the previewing of the animation becomes fast and smooth on both PCs and mobile devices. However, it is only suitable for Mac devices and has no support to import from Photoshop. Also, the designers will require the Flinto app if they want to open the documents on Flinto.

  1. Motion UI

UI Animation Tools

It is one of the latest animation software which has a Sass library allowing the users to create animations and flexible CSS transitions. The animation software makes prototyping user interface easy and fast, along with providing the users to get complete control over every detail of visual effects. The animation software has massive animation tools along with a CSS file and more than 20 animations classes and transitions that are premade. The users can build their animation effects with the help of source sass files. But, the animation tool requires the knowledge of coding, and the animation tool does not have the support for internet explorer.

  1. iDoc

UI Animation Tools

The online animation software is well suited for developers and designers. The online collaboration tool is supported by integrations of Photoshop, Adobe XD, and Sketch. The animation software is not only useful for designing interactive animations, but also it could be used by the designers to create designs with assets, specs, code snippets, and interactive animations automatically.

  1. Lottie

UI Animation Tools

The open-source library is supportive for iOS, Android, and Windows and created by Airbnb. The designers can create various animations such as dynamo logo animations, animations based on characters, and necessary line art. The rendering of Json files by the animation software, which is exported from Adobe After Effects, is useful in quick implementation of the visual effects of animations. But, the animation tool is not supported for expressions or layer effects such as color overlays, shadows, or strokes.

  1. Hype 4

UI Animation Tools

The HTML 5 animation software is suitable for MacOS, which does not require code and flash plugin for creating animation on HTML 5. The users can utilize a particular timeline for creating interactive animations by playing or adding any element. Moreover, it is supportive of exporting animation files as GIFS and videos along with support for the large group of Chinese language users. But, the animation software is only suitable for Mac and not supportive of Adobe Acrobat.

  1. Flow

UI Animation Tools

The powerful user interface animation software is suitable for creating interactive layout code and transitions for iOS and projects on HTML. The integration of a significant timeline in the animation software helps the users to set and edit the animations correctly and efficiently. It is supportive if you want to export code, and the integrated simplified user interface is beneficial for the users in updating the keyframe.

  1. Keynote

UI Animation Tools

Apple developed the presentation design tool for the Mac device, and the excellent user interface animation software is very much useful for designers for interactive presentations and designers.


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