10 Best Node JS Development Tools For Developers

by Paresh Sagar Delivering Market Leading Digital Solutions

The Node.js framework is an excellent endowment for developers, enabling them to execute server-side JavaScript code and build robust web & mobile apps. This open-source, cross-platform JavaScript framework has significantly reduced the complexity of balancing two programming languages for the back-end and front-end work and thereby made the web & app development easier and quicker. Since Node.js is an absolutely free platform, Node JS development is a leading choice of myriads of businesses and developers.

I go for Node JS development, any Node js development company will not cost you more to get your project done. This is due to its open-source nature and ease of development. Further, there are many effective Node JS tools that make the life of developers and Node js development company much easier. Here I am listing out some of the leading Node JS tools in 2018, that developers can make use of for achieving better and quick outcomes through their development efforts.

Top 10 Node JS Development Tools Useful for Developers


Webpack is a JavaScript Modular bundler having the main function to bundle JavaScript files so as to use in a browser. It takes dependency modules and creates static assets for representing those modules. Webpack allows you to build multiple bundles loaded asynchronously at a runtime which results in reduced initial load time. Webpack, when used in Node JS development, makes the assets bundling and serving fast and easy.


Express.js is a free and open-source Node.js framework licensed under the MIT License and designed for making web applications and APIs. With the combination of Express.js and Node.js, you can build software on the server-side. In other terms you can build a server-side part of the app using Node.js whereas with the help of Express.j you can publish that app. is a JavaScript library for real-time web apps. enables real-time bi-directional communication according to events. It comes with real-time analytics and counters, charts and logs. It’s an ideal library for chat apps and used by leading organizations like Microsoft, Trello, Zendesk, and many small startups.


Passport.js is a simple authentication for Node.js. The Passport.js middleware provides more than 300 various authentication alternatives for your app such as username and password model, log in with Google, Facebook, & Twitter and so on. By using Passport.js with Node.js you can have a simplified authorization process and can enable authentication methods according to the user needs.


Meteor.js is an open-source JavaScript web framework based on Node.js and integrated with MongoDB, which facilitates a fast prototyping and generates a cross-platform code. There are several benefits of using Meteor.js in Node JS development like rapid development by sharing the same code between back-end and front- end of the application, a ready-to-use solution for real-time communication between the server and UI and so on.


MEAN is an open-source and free JavaScript software stack for creating dynamic web app and websites. The MEAN stack incorporates technologies like MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js. MEAN Stack allows you to build apps on both client and server-side with a single stack of tools. When you hire Node.JS developers to ensure that they possess the knowledge of MEAN stack, so as to build apps rapidly and with quality.


Vue is one of the popular JavaScript frameworks. If you don’t want to work with Angular.js anymore, then Vue.js is the best alternative for you. With Vue.js you can create a complex web app, configure routings, controllers, and services. Since Vue.js is focused on a ViewModel, you will have a lighter version of features of bigger frameworks for single-page applications.


With Sinon.js testing, JavaScripts apps are much easier. It is a standalone JavaScript testing framework that works with other testing frameworks. It is one of the most advanced mocking libraries. Sinon.js supports most of the browsers and uses Node.js to run on the server. It also supports spies, stubs, and mocks.


With BlueBird.js you can manage all your asynchronous code. It is a promise library that allows you to split your code into various files without any difficulty. When you hire Node.JS developers, make sure the developers know the BlueBird.js, so that you can get quality code.

WebStorm IDE

WebStorm IDE is an excellent IDE useful for all the JavaScript developers. With WebStorm IDE you can have several remarkable benefits like on-the-fly error detection, intelligent code completion, powerful navigation, etc. It also allows refactoring for TypeScript, stylesheet, JavaScript languages, and the many other popular frameworks.  WebStorm IDE is lightweight and includes almost everything you require in Node JS development. When you use WebStorm IDE with Node.js you will have increased speed of everyday work.


If you want to work with Node.js for your next project, then the above list of tools will be very useful for you.  Using such tools you not only simplify the development efforts but also have excellent results. Do you need to hire Node.JS developers having expertise in such tools? Contact us and we will help you out with the best.

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