Beauty with Benefits – Know the Advantages of using Alloy Wheels

by Jacob T. Digital Marketing Analyst

While driving around the city, one is surrounded by hundreds of cars. They can be from a budget range model to sports or luxury cars. There are many cars that aren’t that expensive but seem to have something about them that enhances their look. No creative car wraps, no extra paint job or modifications, yet they look better than the rest.

This extra boost of beauty is all thanks to those sporty looking alloy wheels. These are the new teenage love for car lovers and enthusiasts, who want to give their car an edge over the others. Often mistaken to be only for the purpose of look enhancement, alloy wheels are way more useful than just being make-up for your car.

Below are some points to ponder on when questioning the importance of alloy wheels.

Lighter than Steel

This is one of the major reasons that people should prefer to buy alloy wheels in place of their steel counterparts. Being made up of alloys, usually of aluminium, magnesium or both, results in being lighter than the steel wheels. This is not always true, as when manufacturing wheels of smaller sizes, more material is used to achieve the required durability, hence increasing the weight.

The lightest set of alloy wheels are usually used in sports cars, and otherwise for Motorsports. The wheels are freely suspended piece of equipment; therefore, their weight is a crucial aspect in their manufacturing. The alloy wheels are designed in such a way that they can absorb all the beating they receive from the road and yet stay rigid and strong while having a long life as well.

Damage Immunity

Often considered to be vulnerable to mechanical damage is an old myth about alloy wheels. Whereas the truth lies in the fact that the increased flexibility in their structure is the reason for somewhat of an immunity towards such damage.

Being more elastic than steel, aluminium’s elasticity provides better protection against rim damage while also being capable of absorbing more load. Alloy wheels have better durability and also better resistance to mechanical damage. Nowadays, harsh weather conditions can be avoided by using modern weather resistant paintwork.

Increased efficiency of the suspension system

Aluminium has properties that make it more rigid than steel. This extra rigidity, as well as lesser weight, helps the suspension system while cornering or hitting a curb. This is an important reason why sports cars with high-powered engines are equipped with alloy wheels.

Which wheel to prefer?

The size of alloy wheels is an important aspect, which many car drivers forget about while buying new ones. Improper wheels can have a negative impact on the suspension system, and also affect the life of the tyres. One should keep the following points in mind while going to buy new wheels:

Width of the Wheel: A very important aspect to keep in mind not only for the sake of tyres but also as a legal point of view. It is illegal to have any part of your wheel sticking out from the body line. Your car can be seized by a police officer, which could be followed by a considerable “hole in your pocket”.

The Diameter of the Wheel: No matter what the size of the wheels and the tyres is, the diameter of the wheel should remain unchanged. Out of size tyres can be damaged by the wheel arches of your car, while they can also damage the chassis. Larger tyres wear off faster than they otherwise would and are prone to be damaged and get deformed.

Size of the wheel and low-profile tyres: When planning to buy a new set of wheels, one should refer to the owner’s manual for the suggested range of tyres for that car. Though you can replace a 14” wheel with a 15” wheel and vice-versa. Size of the wheel is somewhat inversely proportional to the tyre profiles. A large wheel requires a low-profile tyre. Low-profile tyres are more susceptible to damage and have an increased effect of irregularities on the road.

Why are Steel wheels cheaper?

Alloy wheels’ increased strength and malleability give them the upper hand against the steel wheels. While being cheap, steel wheels come along with a list of possible additional costs. The most known advantage of alloy wheels is that they improve the looks of the car. This is mainly due to having the ability to be shaped into different designs, whereas a steel wheel lacks this ability and requires a hub cap to enhance the look furthermore.

The pricing of alloy wheels has always been a point that makes a lot of people prefer their steel rivals. The advantages that come along with Alloy Wheels UK are nowhere matched by the steel ones, yet the high pricing is what beats them. You can check out the latest designs of Alloy Wheels Coventry at wheels uk. Our expert team of technicians will be delighted to clear any doubts that you have in mind.

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