Advantages of Alloy Wheels

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There are many different types of tyres available in the market, the most renowned ones are steel and alloy. This article will focus more on the alloy wheels.


Alloy wheels which are also called the mag wheels are made up of aluminium, magnesium and sometimes amalgamation of both. The Wheel Alignment Nuneaton were traditionally available only on high-performance cars and luxury vehicles, but since the past two decades, they have significantly found their way down to the budget cars. Alloy wheels are more appealing than that of steel wheels and therefore, people often choose alloy wheels for their cars. However, alloy wheels have to be maintained regularly to keep them working as the being in direct contact with the road, they can sometimes become scuffed or chipped which can also destroy the appearance. The most simple methods to maintain them is the DIY method which requires an automotive primer, paint, lacquer, sandpaper both wet and dry, masking tape, old sheets, newspaper, automotive filler, and microfiber towels.


Alloy wheels are typically much lighter than the steel tyres, the production methods allow complicated designs to be created that makes the unique designs of alloy wheels. They are also more expensive to manufacture than steel tyres, and because of this, they’ve always been more of an aftermarket option.

Therefore, Car service Nuneaton being an important component that enhances the look of a vehicle, needs to be handled with care. The DIY process is easy, quick, and economical as compared to the process by professional. However, if the wheels are badly damaged or one lacks the quantity of the essential tools, then professional work becomes mandatory as that would ensure that along with painting, the wheels are also powder coated.


Most of the alloy wheels have aluminium but some are forged from magnesium which gives them better strength and durability. However, traditionally, car wheels have been made from steel because it gives them the ability to perform. But eventually, demands of automobiles have inclined towards alloys and the commercial market saw it as a huge success simply because of many benefits—


Here are their few advantages:


1.   Aesthetically pleasing- It is a fact that alloy wheels look much better than any other pair of wheels. The complicated process in an alloy tyre creates a unique and attractive design.


2.   Performance- Apart from great looks, alloy wheels perform much better than standard wheels. This is primarily because they are lighter than the standard tyre and that helps alloy wheel to become better fuel efficiency, acceleration and braking. Along with this, handling and steering are also improved in alloys.


3.  Wearing- Since alloy wheels are lighter. It helps to resist wearing and tearing. The performance is an important component of a vehicle like an engine, suspension, the transmission also improves. Alloy wheels also allow a good rate of dissipation and heat conduction which indeed improves the better braking system. This also helps a tyre to wear less often and remain much cooler.


4.  Lighter- Such wheels are much lighter in comparison to standard wheels which significantly help to enhance fuel efficiency.


5.  Corrosion- Alloy wheels are more resistant to corrosion than a standard wheel.


6. Braking- There is better traction in a braking process since wheel hop decreases in the alloy wheels.

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