Everything You Need to Know About Tyre Damages

by Jacob T. Digital Marketing Analyst

Too much worried about tyre wear? Here’s How You Can Avoid It Magically”

Do you feel that your car is bored of driving on old tyres? Why struggle? When you can gift her with a set of new performance tyres. Although performance tyres are quite expensive, they provide excellent services that you can never imagine from old worn-out tyres.

Consider your car to be a living being. How will you feel if you have to eat the same kind of food every day for years? Similarly, you must provide your car with an efficient set of tyres every 6-8 years or once your car starts signalling you.

But how can a car tell you that she is not okay with her regular tyres? Do not worry! We can hear the inner voice of our car’ soul. Therefore, we have created this blog article to help you listen to your car’s voice in terms of the wizarding world.

The Cruciatus Curse

Do you remember the cruciatus curse? ‘The Dark Lord’ used this unforgivable curse on several people to torture and damage their soul. Similarly, your car starts signalling you when its tyres are suffering from the cruciatus curse. In this case, uneven road surfaces are Voldemort and your tyre’s sidewall is the victim.

Therefore, if you notice any kind of damage to your tyres, you must consider taking your car to a garage. As the cruciatus curse or foreign particles present on the road can puncture your tyres. Furthermore, they can also cause small holes in the tyres leading to an air-leak.

In such cases, you must help your car defend against the deadly curse by taking it to a mechanic in order to replace your tyres.

The Imperius Curse

Let’s discuss about the second unforgivable curse your tyres go through. According to the wizarding world, imperius is a curse used to hypnotise and influence people. Similarly, your tread wear is Voldemort and your tread depth is the victim. Voldemort uses the imperius curse to decrease your tread depth by influencing it to incur damage from the road.

A tyre with low tread depth is more likely to lead your vehicle into an accident. Secondly, if Voldemort successfully casts the spell, you will also experience uneven tread wear.

Therefore, you must take out your wand and head to an auto-garage to replace the worn-tread tyres.

Avada Kedavara’

Coming on to the last and most deadly curse. Voldemort used Avada kedavra to kill his enemies instantly. As you know, nothing is permanent in this world. Consider your tyre’s age to be Voldemort and your tyre to be the victim.

As a universal law, nothing can withstand the power of time. Secondly, we must tell you with a heavy heart that Avada kedavra has no possible solution. Once it hits your tyres, you cannot save it from death.

All you can do is pay your condolence to your old tyre and visit a garage to buy a new set of tyres. But what if Voldy wants to attack again? Let’s gather a team of Aurors that will help your tyre to safeguard themselves from curses.

  • Wheel Alignment

  • Wheel Balancing

  • Tyre Rotation

  • Adequate Amount of Tread

  • Tyre pressure Monitoring System

  • All-weather compound

  • Tyre pressure

Where to go for help?

Of course! If you need help for your tyres Coventry, visit us at Wheels UK. Our team is trained to help your car protect from evil curses present on the road.

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