Wheel Spacers: What Do They Do, And Should You Try Them?

by Jacob T. Digital Marketing Analyst

When Jeremy Clarkson made the statement that ‘cars nowadays are as boring as refrigerators’ I believe he was a bit too harsh on the auto industry.

Yes, the cars today are tamer and are not powered by the humongous V-8’s, and are more inclined towards being environment-friendly than being performance-oriented. But, they still pack enough to make heads turn. And even if they don’t, there are ways which can enhance the looks and performance of today’s cars. The solution is After-market mods (modification).

One such modification that is very popular amongst petrol-heads is a wheel spacer. So what are wheel spacers? And are they useful in enhancing the performance and the look of your car?

What are Wheel Spacers?

Wheel spacers are discs which are installed over the wheel’s holding bracket. They are a simple solution to make your car’s stance more aggressive and menacing. What they do is simple. They increase the width of the wheelbase of the car. Sometimes they may even become a necessity because of after-market wheels. At times, after-market wheels dot not fit perfectly and need to be adjusted. In such cases, spacers are used to make sure that the wheels fit perfectly.

Where are they used?

Wheel Spacers increase the width of the wheelbase by a few millimetres. Depending on the maximum width that can be increased, their building material and longevity may differ. There are thousands of after-market spacers available in the market; choosing the right material is imperative as the use of substandard materials can cause damage and at times lead to a complete failure of the suspension or the steering column. If you desire that your car turns a few heads with a menacing stance, Wheels UK is the provider of best quality Wheel spacers UK. They will give you the best-in-business auto parts, as well as expert advice on the correct spacer width for your car.

What is the benefit of using wheel spacers?

There is a debate on the possible benefits of using wheel spacers. Not all enthusiast are fans of it; they argue that spacers just make the car’s wheelbase wider with only minute effects on the handling and grip. This minute effect, they claim, is overshadowed by the damage it can cause if installed improperly.

According to critics, over time, wheel spacers cause failures in the steering column of the car and can be detrimental to the brakes, and also tamper with the original intended design of the car’s suspension.

Improved handling? Yes.

In effect, wheel spacers do enhance the handling, along with the grip and braking. As for the criticism, even the critics agree on the benefits. They only factor they advocate against is the use of substandard materials for the production of wheel spacers. If in doubt about which material is the best for those enhancements to your car’s wheels, opt for Wheel Spacers Coventry by Wheels UK. They are experts in wheel spacing and, based on your use and driving habits, can help you get the best fix for your modification needs.

Want bigger tyres on your ride?

Another reason for installing them is to enable bigger wheels than standard to be mounted onto the car. Quite often, people mount bigger than standard tyres on their cars to enhance their off-roading capabilities. To provision this, they need wheel spacers.

All in all, spacers are a neat way of getting the desired tyres and stance for your car. However, be careful when mounting those spacers, and do your research about the correct width and material of the spacer you use.   

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