Are You Aware of these Newspaper Advertising Benefits?

by Manoj L. Executive Director

It is 2020 and print media is still ruling the industry, majorly in the form of newspapers and magazines. Newspaper and magazine ads are still quite popular among the brand and businesses since they are highly regarded as effective. They have the strength that is still lacking in digital advertising platforms, especially when it comes to informing a piece of a message to a specific audience.


Now, it is a well-known fact that newspapers and magazines are two different platforms. While magazine advertisements are generally released by brands and businesses, newspaper ads are released by individuals and brands both. Even though magazines were never assumed to get obsoleted, experts believed that newspapers would get wiped out of the market after the advent of the digital advertising platforms. However, as we see it, that is not the case. People are still reading newspapers, advertisers are still releasing add here and revenue is still getting generated. Hence, what are the hidden advantages that come with newspaper advertising? We shall learn the same in this write-up.


Perks of Newspaper Advertising- Have You Heard of These?


When we say newspaper ads, the immediate benefit that is attached to it is the short lead time. Most of the newspapers in India are released on a daily basis. It means that whatever message you are trying to convey through your advertisement can reach the audience on time when compared to other forms of advertisement. timelier when compared to magazine ads. For example, if you are planning to release a legal public notice newspaper advertisement, it can reach the target audience the very next day of booking it.


Cost is yet another benefit to be considered. The local newspapers are cost-effective, thereby helping your ad to focus on a particular geographic market. Of course, newspaper advertising costs increase with national newspapers. However, due to the wide audience base, the value balances the extra investment.


Additionally, newspapers cover a broader audience base on a daily basis, thereby enabling a plethora of viewers to appreciate the content of your newspaper ad. With that being said, here come the other benefits of newspaper advertisements.


Dynamic Audience

The unique part about newspaper advertising is the fact that the readers actively look for some sort of a deal or a coupon. Placing your ad in a newspaper that is read by your audience on a regular basis leaves you with the advantage that it will be noticed by them. Hence, they may invest enough time to go through your ad and act on a sale or offer.


Cost- Effective & Customised

When it comes to releasing an ad in a local newspaper, it might sound expensive considering the fact that it involves ink, printing and distribution. However, when compared to other forms of advertising like television or magazines, it costs less per thousand readers. Additionally, if you indulge in newspaper campaigns, it will not give rise to any extra cost for creative materials. It can be tailor-made to any budget, and you can choose from a variety of ad sizes without compromising on your requirement.


Worth the Trust

Print media agencies or newspaper advertising companies work efficiently to help you build the pillar of trust with your consumers. With the growing reputation of your brand/business, your consumers will start trusting you, thereby providing you with timely and accurate feedback about your products and services. This way, your content will be complemented by the trustworthiness amidst the rest of the content in that medium.



Newspaper ads are undoubtedly much more engaging than any other form of advertisement. Experts have studied the behaviour of the consumers and they have understood that readers are less likely to get annoyed by seeing a newspaper advertisement. This is quite opposite to the attitude we show upon popping of an advertisement on the radio or internet. Also, while reading a newspaper, we do not tend to involve in other activities which means our sole attention is given to the newspaper. Hence, we are likely to notice newspaper advertisements minutely unlike the ones we see on various digital platforms.


Returns and Effectiveness

Did you know that newspaper advertising is extremely effective as readers often look for advertisements in this medium? Consumers rely on newspapers to find out about information about various things. Hence, if you create your ad beautifully with good images and attractive font, you can engage them both emotionally and intellectually. It is believed that print media requires better fact-checking and professionalism than online ads.


These are the advantages associated with releasing newspaper advertisements. What’s more? With the presence of uncountable newspaper advertising companies, you can now release ads faster than ever before. You can also book newspaper ads online, thereby sparing yourself from the pain of traveling to the agency office while getting the wok done from your comfort zone. 

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