Are blue light glasses the best eye protection against the blue light?

by BluTech Lenses Blue Light Filter Glasses

Have your parents ever advised you to not use your phone right before sleeping? They were right. Your phone or any digital device for that matter emits blue light. Blue light is definitely not safe, and overexposure to it can have rather unfavorable consequences on the vitality of your eyes.

People who are constantly staring at their mobile devices at odd hours or who work directly under the sun are at high risks, but the sun and electronic devices with LED screens are not the only two sources of blue light. Blue light is in fact everywhere, all around us — in our homes and our offices. True, the eye strain and distress that come courtesy of prolonged exposure to digital screens or the sunlight does harm your eyes, but blue light emitted from other sources such as fluorescent bulbs is just as harmful.

Why is this important?

This is important because most people simply presume that sensitive eyes and headaches are part of the deal of sitting in front of screens or being out under the sun for a long time, but it does not have to be the case. These problems, regardless of how trivial or small, are still vision-related and must not be taken casually. For this reason, appropriate eye protection such as blue light blocking glasses is crucial for everyone.

While they may seem like an outcome of the recent years, blue light glasses have been here for a long time. They existed in the form of lenses in the past, but only for prescription glasses. There was no way people who didn’t already wear glasses could guard their eyes against the blue light.

These glasses not only diminish glare and filter blue light that induces migraines and fatigues, but also improve your productivity at work. Think about it — with these glasses, you will not experience any eye strain or distress from continually staring at your screen, which would shorten your breaks and add to your work efficiency.

Here is a fun fact: Not all blue light is harmful, there is also a good blue light. Modern blue blockers are designed to filter out only the damaging light and let the harmless light in. These glasses are also aesthetically pleasing and can make anyone look smart and stylish. Also unlike filtering apps, these glasses do not alter the color perception of the screen, so that is a win-win situation.

Your eyes are susceptible to various retinal problems when exposed to blue light. Some of these problems can last a lifetime, which makes preventive glasses that block blue light very useful for you.

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