Application of ultrafine magnesium oxide in various fields

by Lena Wang magnesium oxide

 Let's learn about the application of ultrafine magnesium oxide in various fields.


Flame retardant, neutralizer field


Magnesium oxide is a good flame retardant because of its high heat resistance and high temperature stability. Magnesium oxide, as the third base widely used in the environmental field, has strong neutralization ability and buffering ability. It can neutralize acidic liquid and absorb various metal ions in it at the same time. It is an alkali agent with excellent performance.


Antibacterial materials and adsorption field


Ultrafine magnesium oxide and water can produce highly oxidizing ions, which can destroy the peptide bond structure of the cell wall and quickly kill bacteria. At the same time, as a chemical adsorbent, ultrafine magnesium oxide has the advantages of fast adsorption, rapid reaction and large adsorption capacity, etc. It is easy to absorb and remove heavy metal ions, organic compounds and fuel pigments that cause harm to the environment from waste liquid.


Ceramic and casting fields


The use of ultrafine magnesium oxide, not only without the use of sintering agent can achieve low temperature sintering, high density fine ceramics, it can also be used as zirconia, lead oxide, iron oxide and other ultrafine ion sintering additives and stabilizers to obtain high quality ultrafine ceramics. The mechanical properties of acicular ultrafine magnesium oxide filled into polypropylene plastics are superior to that of ordinary magnesium oxide.


Paper making and catalysis


Using ultrafine magnesium oxide as paper additive not only reduces the cost, but also has the reinforcing effect, which can greatly improve the product quality. As ultrafine magnesium oxide is an alkaline oxide, it can be used as an adjuvant to adjust the acidity and alkalinity of the catalyst, or as an alkaline catalyst to directly catalyze some reactions.


Other fields


Ultrafine magnesia and high polymer or other material after compound, have good microwave absorption coefficient, it can be used as the filling material of cosmetic, sweet powder, paint not only, and the filling material that can be used at rubber, adipose decompose agent or the burnishing agent of medicine.


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