Application of magnesium oxide and zinc oxide in neoprene

by Lena Wang magnesium oxide

It is well known that magnesium oxide and zinc oxide are important additives of neoprene. So what do magnesium oxide and zinc oxide do? Let's find out.

First, magnesium oxide ACTS as a stabilizer and is added during mixing. Magnesium oxide can prevent coke burning during processing and improve coke burning during storage. In addition, magnesium oxide also has the function of plasticizing rubber.

The addition of magnesium oxide at the beginning of rubber mixing can prevent the early crosslinking and ring-ring of neoprene and increase the safety of operation. When sulfide into vulcanizing agent again, have the effect of HCL acceptor, prevent hydrogen chloride erosion of fibre content. Magnesium oxide can improve heat resistance and aging resistance. The quality of magnesium oxide has great influence on the processing and vulcanization of neoprene. When the amount of magnesium oxide is increased, the colloid has higher plasticity and better storage stability.

Zinc oxide is mainly used as vulcanizate to make vulcanizate flat. Although increasing the amount of zinc oxide can improve the heat resistance and aging resistance, the adhesive is easy to scorch and reduce the storage stability of the adhesive. Heavy use can also make the plastic material hard and lose plasticity. But can increase the vulcanization speed, but also can improve the degree of vulcanization and high temperature resistance. General magnesium oxide and zinc oxide used at the same time solve the vulcanizates of scorch easily form and high degree of cure and curing speed, cut the crosslinking degree is much higher than alone.

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