The world's 10 largest producer of magnesite

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Magnesium is a key industrial metal that can be extracted from a variety of base materials. Magnesite is one of the key sources for the extraction of magnesium compounds. Magnesium compounds can also be extracted from dolomite, magnesium olivine, brucite and magnesium-bearing saline lake water and even seawater. The U.S. geological survey estimates that the world's resources of magnesite and brucite are 12 billion tons and several million tons, respectively, while resources of dolomite, magnesium olivine and evaporite minerals containing magnesite are at similar levels.

The latest usgs report on magnesium compounds, which focuses on production of magnesite, puts global reserves at 8.5 billion tons. But what is the national top magnesite producer? Here are the countries listed in 2016:

1, China

Output: 19 million tons

China is the largest producer of magnesite in the world so far, accounting for 69% of the world's output, and its production has reached 19 million tons in 2016. However, magnesium prices fell in 2016 due to oversupply. This is partly due to China's more efficient refractory production technology in the steel industry, which USES less magnesium to produce steel.

2. Turkey

Output: 2.8 million tons

Turkey produced 2.8 million tons of magnesite in 2016, the same as in 2015. According to Industrial Minerals, Turkey has a long mining history of magnesite, which is mainly used for export and domestic refractory materials.

3. Russia

Output: 1.35 million tons

Russia produced 1.35 million tons of magnesite in 2016. New capacity growth is expected in the future.

4. Austria

Output: 750,000 tons

Austria's magnesite production fell slightly in 2016 to 750,000 tonnes, compared with 760,000 tonnes in 2015. Styromag, an Austrian producer of magnesite, operates five mines in the country. It produces about 120,000 tons of magnesite a year.

5. Slovakia

Output: 620,000 tons

Slovakia mined 620,000 tons of magnesite in 2016, 30,000 tons less than in 2015. Slovak producer SLOVMAG is controlled by Russian Magnezit group, which specializes in the production of magnesite and sintered magnesia for refractory products.

6. Spain

Output: 620,000 tons

Spain's magnesite production fell to 620,000 tonnes in 2016 from 640,000 tonnes in 2015. Spain's Magnesitas Navarras is Europe's leading producer of magnesium oxide; The company currently owns the Antzeri and Sorianas magnesite mining projects.

7, Brazil

Output: 500,000 tons

Brazil's magnesite production remained stable in 2016. The Brazilian producer Magnesita Refratarios calls it one of the largest reserves of magnesite, dolomite and talc in the world.

8. Australia

Output: 440,000 tons

Australia's magnesite production increased slightly in 2016 to 440,000 tonnes from 420,000 tonnes in 2015. Queensland magnesium, which produces most of Australia's magnesite, was acquired by global industrial minerals group Sibelco in April 2012. Small mining companies operating magnesite mines in Australia include Korab Resources and Archer Exploration.

9, Greece

Output: 410,000 tons

Greece produced 410,000 tonnes of magnesite in 2016, up slightly from 400,000 tonnes in 2015. The country has one of the world's top magnesia producers, Greek magnesite, with factories in Spain, Turkey and the Netherlands. Greece's magnesite mines and production facilities are located in halkidiki in northern Greece.

North Korea

Output: 250,000 tons

North Korea mined 250,000 tons of magnesite in 2016. The mining industry is likely to continue to play a key role in north Korea's economy because the country has the world's second-largest reserves of magnesite, according to Australian mining companies.


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