Advantage of feather meal

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While feathers are often considered a by-product of poultry production (and often a waste by-product),But chicken feathers are relatively clean and do not generally pose a health risk. Contamination of feathers with chicken blood and feces can present a problem, but in general feathers are continuously removed from the processing area to make room for new feathers as more chickens are processed. An average chicken processing plant churns out 4,000 pounds of feathers an hour and has a low profit margin per bird, so feathers must be moved or processed quickly and very inexpensively.
Research has shown that the keratin in the feathers (a protein also found in hair, hoofs, horns, and wool) can be used in the production of a wide variety of products.Feather fiber has properties in common with cellulose, the starch that forms wood and paper. Feathers are keratin just like wool, but the surface area is much larger because the diameter of the fibers is smaller. As a result, the fiber can absorb more moisture than wool or cellulose fibers. The crystal structure of feather fibers also makes them naturally stable and durable.
Feather meal machine is used to process waste feather into extruded feather meal which is one of the best animal feed. The extruded feather meal containing rich proteins, can be widely used in livestock, poultry and aquatic protein feed. The protein content is up to 80%.
Continuous feather hydrolyzer:
The equipment adopts hydrolysis method under high temperature, high pressure and strong shear condition.Its outstanding feature is that it completely destroys the spatial structure of feather keratin, so that make it changed from food industry waste to animal soluble protein feed, which can be fully digested and absorbed.Turn waste into treasure.
Continuous feather hydrolyzer is mainly used in the production of feather protein, which can continuously feed and discharge materials, to ensure the high quality of product, reduce labor intensity and improve efficiency, and is mainly used in large-scale production.

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