Things to Know About Poultry Feather Meal

by Sanjeev Yadav SEO Consultant
In food processing scenario, India is emerging as one of the best hot spots. India has huge agricultural produce and also a great variety of animal resource. This has made the country one of the best food-producing countries in the entire world. There are new processing technologies and trends that are been followed. Due to this reason, the poultry processing unit or industry is booming. The growth rate of poultry processing and production is increasing at a high rate.

To maintain the safety of the meat for the customers and clients, an organised processing industry is emerging gradually. Today the modern and latest broiler processing plants that are used have the potential to process around 200000-1000000 birds every day. Due to this, a ton of wastage is also produced. All these materials are then passed through a by-product operation which converts this into a value-added commodity. These by-products are usually converted into what we call animal feed. This is made by rendering the waste material under hygienic conditions.

Today the use of FM or feather meal has increased. This is used as an under-utilised source of protein. There are still people who don’t use this product due to less information about the nutritional content of the product and also its convenience. People choose the best manufactures and suppliers for poultry feather meal Riyadh and source products from them.

The most important by-product in poultry today is FM or feather meal. The feathers contain around 7% of the total weight of the live bird. These are rich in protein which is known as keratin. Therefore, these are extremely useful in providing a valuable meal. Choose the best manufactures and suppliers of poultry feather meal in Riyadh and use it in your poultry farms.

High Protein Content
One of the most important by-products in a rendering plant is feather meal or also known as FM. This is rich in protein. This protein is known as Keratin as mentioned earlier. FM is a great source to escape protein.

Earlier, the raw features where insoluble. The digestibility of raw feather was only 5%. The reason behind it is the high protein content and also the strong bond of amino acid. Today things are different. The poultry food manufacturing companies use the latest technology which can convert the insoluble protein into a highly and palatable digestible protein.

The process of Hydrolysis is used to make the feather meal digestible. The feathers are cooked using steam. The feathers have 40-65% moisture in it. This moisture can be reduced to around eight per cent and the shelf life can also be increased.

Many poultry feather meal exporters from Riyadh are there to provide you with the best products at an affordable price. Choose wisely and use it on your farms.

Why Should You Use Feather Meal?
The feather waste that is generated in the poultry processing companies is used potentially as a source of protein in animal foods. Due to the improvements in the current processing methods, the feathers have become much more digestible for the animals and it is highly rich in protein. Therefore using this in their diet will keep them healthy and fit. Get products from the best poultry feather meal supplier in Riyadh in bulk quantity.

Several online and offline stores provide the best poultry feather meal. Make sure to do proper research before you settle with one.

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