How to reduce the loss in feed processing ?

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1. Loss during feed processing:

1.1. Moisture loss

(1) The moisture loss (average) of crushed corn is 0.95%

(2) The moisture loss of corn fine crushing is 1.10%, and the moisture loss of coarse crushing is 1.05%

(3) The influence of the crushing process :

1) 0.1% loss of material on and off the crusher (without hoist)

2) When the crushed material is mechanically transported, the loss is 0.22%

3) When the crushed material is conveyed by pneumatically, the loss is 0.95%

(4) Moisture loss during granulation process:

(4.1)  Add 2% molasses, loss 0.18%;

(4.2)  Add 1% of molasses and lose 0.6%


1.2. Calculation, packaging and loss:

(1) Loss caused by measurement error

(2) The loss caused by the upper deviation of the measurement set value

(3) Loss caused by poor management and operating errors


1.3.the total loss of the feed production line

(1) Raw material receiving moisture loss 0.1-0.2

(2)Moisture loss during crushing 0.8-1.0

(3)Water loss during granulation process 0.1-0.3

(4)Dust and scattered loss 0.5-0.8

(5)Measurement loss 0.1-0.2

Total 1.6-2.5


2. Here animal feed pellet mill manufacturer give some suggestions to control loss:

2.1. Water loss control during processing

(1) The granular materials is suitable for storage in vertical silos.

(2) The suction volume is as low as possible

  (3) The fineness of crushing is coarse

  (4) The mixer can add 1-1.5 moisture during processing

2.2. Advantages of adding water in the mixer:

  (1) It can compensate the water consumption of feed during processing;

  (2) Improve the efficiency of the feed pellet machine and save the unit energy consumption

  (3) The water added in the mixer is more stable than added in the granulator, and the granules are not easy to mildew.

2.3. Requirements for adding water in the mixer:

  (1) The water temperature should be 20-30℃ under normal circumstances, and 88℃ in special cases .

  (2) The water should add surfactants to reduce the surface tension of the water and accelerate the uniform diffusion of water.

  (3) The amount of water added should be 1-2%, and not more than 3%. It must be added in the form of spray.

Different feed production equipment and different feeds have different measures to reduce losses. Here some of them are listed for your reference.

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