Preparing your own fish feed pellet

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It is necessary to clarify the type of farmed fish and its growth stage before producing fish feed pellet,then we can confirm nutrients requirements such as protein and energy in the feed. It is necessary to meet the demand of fish for protein growth, but also to make the ratio of energy and protein moderate. Too high or too low energy-to-protein ratio is not conducive to fish growth.

When choice formulation, the relationship between feed nutrition and capacity should also be considered. It is necessary to ensure that the fish can take in sufficient nutrients, but also to make them feel full.

The selection of feed ingredients should adhere to the principles of high quality and low price, stable supply, and convenient transportation.

The more types of raw materials is better, so as to ensure that the essential amino acids in the feed reach the balance as much as possible, and to maximize the needs of fish for various essential amino acids. Avoid using moldy raw materials, it contain a lot of bacteria and toxins, feeding these feeds can easily cause fish diseases. Although raw materials such as cotton meal and rapeseed meal are cheap and have high protein content, they contain anti-nutritional factors such as gossypol and glucosinolate respectively, and excessive use will affect the growth of fish. Therefore, the dosage should be limited, generally not more than 10%.

Many farmers will use cheap oil residue and meat meal to reduce cost, but such raw materials are mixed with a large amount of animal skin, which affects the smooth progress of the crushing and granulation process by feed production line, the fish is not easy to be digested after eating. The fat contained in oil residue and meat meal are saturated fats, and some have begun to rancid due to prolonged storage. Fish have a low utilization rate of saturated fat. Excessive intake of rancid fat can also cause fish to suffer from fatty liver and other diseases. The amount of such raw materials should be controlled below 5%.

Additives must be used rationally. Feed additives refer to the general term for substances that can be added to feed to promote digestion and absorption of nutrients, regulate body metabolism, ensure animal health, improve nutrient utilization efficiency, and increase animal production levels, thereby improving the quality of animal products.

Scientific control of feed processing technology .The technological process of self-prepared feed generally includes feed crusher machine, feed mixer, pelleting and other processes. For professional feed manufacturer ,it also includes conditioning before pelleting. It is not good to pulverize the particle size to be too coarse or too fine. Generally, all the raw materials of the compound feed for fish should pass through a 40-mesh sieve, and the material above the 60-mesh sieve should not exceed 20%.

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