Addicted to your Smartphone? Blue-light blocking glasses can help you for better sleep

by BluTech Lenses Blue Light Filter Glasses

Nowadays, addiction to electronic devices likes laptops, Smartphones, etc. has become difficult for people to come out of it. Many times, it has been observed that most people are spending their maximum time on this, which is not a good thing. The point behind this is that these devices emit blue light, which can cause a lot of health disorders.  

Blue rays emitted by digital devices can affect your sleep pattern and eye strain. It regulates our internal body clocking which is called circadian rhythm and tells our bodies when to sleep. So, to resolve the problems of sleeping disorder, you need to take help of blue blockers that block most of blue light for better sleep. Different types of eye fatigue computer glasses are available in the market for reducing the effects of dangerous blue light.

What Causes Digital Eye Strain and Fatigue?

  • High levels of blue-violet light - When your eyes are exposed to blue-violet light, it leads to eye fatigue.
  • LED & CFL lighting in the work area- Working for long hours under LED & CFL light can affect your eyes badly so, try blue filter glasses for it.
  • Using computers & other digital devices- Blue light emitted by computers and other digital devices can completely damage your eyes.
  • Viewing too closely or too far away - When you use your computer or mobile phones keeping too close or far to your eyes, it can lead to eye strain.
  • Uncorrected vision problems- If you have a vision problem, make a habit of using blue light filter glasses for it or this issue can make you completely blind.

So, this was all about the causes of digital eye fatigue, and the symptoms of this strain are blurry eyes, or severe headaches, dry, itchy, and irritated eyes, and many more like these. And, if you feel that you are facing such problems, buy a pair of blue blockers that can filter blue light to the maximum and can relieve you from such eye issues.

Look for a store near your place, buy anti-fatigue eyeglasses for yourself and your near ones and free them from the harmful effects of blue light. You might not be aware of how these lenses support your eye’s accommodation effort, at the time of switching from one screen to another. Try to find a store that provides its customers with the best kind of blue light glasses to protect their eyes from the dangerous light.

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