Blue light blocking glasses - a secret to better sleep

by BluTech Lenses Blue Light Filter Glasses

Good quality sleep is one of the pillars of optimal health. Getting enough sleep at night helps wake up in the morning naturally without an alarm as well as keep your mind fresh throughout the day. However, nowadays, people are not getting enough sleep, which can result in heart disease, depression, insomnia, and obesity.

Spending too much time under artificial lighting and in front of digital screens, especially at night, is associated with sleep problems. These devices emit dangerous high energy visible rays, which trick your brain into thinking that it is daytime at night. To avoid this, many people prefer to wear blue light blockers for sleep

How blue light disrupts your sleep-wake cycle?

Your body has an internal clock in the brain which controls your circadian rhythm - a sleep-wake cycle that decides when your body should wake or sleep. But when you are overexposed to disruptive blue rays from digital screens, it may disrupt your internal clock, causing a lack of sleep quality and quantity. So, it is essential to stop the overexposure to HEV light from digital screens to get a better sleep at night. But how?

Following 20/20/20 frequent break rule, using the HEV filtering app and limiting your digital screen time are some ways that you can follow to reduce the overexposure to dangerous blue wavelengths. But, wearing blue light blocking glasses is secret to better sleep.

Wearing blue light protective glasses is the most effective way to avoid exposure to dangerous High-Energy Visible (HEV) wavelength, especially at night. When you wear them three to four hours before going to bed, they will effectively block all blue light, so that your brain doesn’t get the signal that it is supposed to stay awake when you should sleep. 

Nothing is better than wearing blue light filtering lenses if you want to get a good-quality sleep at night. Additionally, by wearing a good quality pair, you can look good at the same time.

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