A Few Myths About Surrogacy Debunked! Truth Unleashed!

by Shivani Sachdev Founder & Director

There are number of myths surrounding surrogacy which make the intended parents looking for Surrogacy center in India or elsewhere apprehensive. Given here are some of the facts that debunk these myths. Let us have a quick look here.

Myth: Surrogacy is only for the celebrities and affluent families


This myth is one of the most common one because the cost of surrogacy cannot be determined. Fee and expenditure of these surrogates vary and depend on a number of factors. Is the mother (one of the intended parents) using her own eggs or she would need an egg donor. Is the intended parent chooses to hire an agency or taking help of a family friend etc. One of the factors that determine surrogacy is where they choose to have the treatment. Surrogacy costs you way lesser in India. Intended parents can easily find low cost surrogacy clinic in Delhi, India.

Myth: Most of the women choose surrogacy to protect their figure.


Actually, it is not so. The entire process includes a lot of emotions and expenses. Woman that repeatedly fail to conceive or carry the baby in their womb opt for surrogacy. It has nothing to do with figure.

Myth: Surrogate mother can take the parental custody of the child she gives birth to.


You should consult a good attorney for this purpose if you think that surrogate mother will make a claim for the child. Whether gestational or traditional the surrogate mother does not have any right on the child that she gives birth to. So, in case if there is any issue you can hire an attorney for the same.

Myth: Being a surrogate mother means earning an extra income.


This is just a myth. While being a surrogate mother is like taking a huge responsibility. It takes time and a thorough devotion. But, the commercial surrogacy is banned in many places including India. However, surrogate mother can make claim for the small expenses incurred by her during the process.

Myth: Both Traditional and Gestational Surrogacy are same.


This is just a misconception. There are surrogacy agencies that accept gestational surrogates only. This only means that the mother will have a biological link with the baby she has in the womb. But, the embryo that is implanted in the case of traditional surrogacy does not carry the DNA of surrogate mother. Instead the eggs that are used for fertilizing comes either from an egg donor or from the intended mother. Traditional surrogacy is becoming less common these days and it is not accepted as a regular practice by the traditional surrogacy agencies.

If you are one of the intended parents who are looking for low cost surrogacy with 100% results, you need to seek the help of a professional expert. Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour is one such professional expert who has dealt with many surrogacy cases with expertise and has a high success rate.

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