THC Detox Myths Debunked

by Tess D. Content Strategist

Because marijuana is legal in so many states, tons of people are using it recreationally and medicinally. But, what if you’re interested in a detox? Whether you want to reset your tolerance or you need to take a drug test, there are lots of myths out there that can derail your detox attempt. Check out four THC detox myths and learn the truth about flushing marijuana from your system after using marijuana.

  1. Fake Urine Can Pass a Drug Test

If you’ve seen advertisements for fake urine that guarantee they’ll help you pass a drug test, don’t do it! Some people even swear by their own homemade concoctions. These things don’t actually work. Labs can always tell when urine is not legitimate. Part of every laboratory drug test is a chemical analysis of the urine which shows the molecular makeup of the liquid. Even if the faux urine looks, feels, and smells real enough that the lab tech accepts it, the chemical portion of the test will spot the fake!

  1. Drinking Tons of Water Is Enough

Some people think that just drinking a lot of water is enough to flush all the THC out of their system. Unfortunately, due to where your body stores THC, drinking too much water is ineffective and can be dangerous.

For one, THC is stored in your fat for the long term. It takes a combination of exercise, a healthy diet, and hydration to remove it from your body. THC molecules are too large to pass through the nephron membrane without anything breaking them down, so you’ll need a THC detox kit with white willow extract to break down the binding and make the molecules smaller.

Secondly, drinking too much water can cause hyperhydration. This is when the electrolytes and sodium in your bloodstream become too diluted and allows the fluid to move into other cells and make them swell. Swelling in the heart, brain, or lungs can be fatal!

  1. Household Products Can Flush THC

person holding yellow plastic spray bottle

Whether you’re trying to get rid of THC or CBD, using household products is just bad. Undiluted bleach or white vinegar has no effect on marijuana stored in your fat cells and can be very dangerous. Some of these products can land you in the hospital, and others can cause upset stomach, diarrhea, and cramping without affecting cannabis metabolites at all! In fact, some household products can change the pH level of your urine and make it more suspicious to laboratories testing for cannabis!

  1. Intense Exercise

Now that you know THC is stored in your fat, you might be thinking that you can sweat it out with a couple of intense exercise sessions. While some THC is released from your fat when you work out, this is a long-term solution that works over time.

So What Works

There are very few shortcuts that work to help you detox from marijuana fast. The best solution is to make gradual, lasting changes to your diet and lifestyle and supplement those with a detox kit. Abstain from using marijuana, as well as other drugs and alcohol, to expedite the detox process!

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