8 Trends Bound to Shape the Web Design Industry in 2019

by Sanjana Singh Internet Marketing Expert

Those in the designing world understand the importance and impact of the fashion cycle. Similar to the fashion world cycle where trends come and go frequently, in the domain of web designing too, trends keep changing. Here trends are associated with backgrounds, visuals etc. The web designers need to keep a tab on the changing trends to keep the website inviting. 

Let us see some of the trends of web designing world that are in, in 2019.

Serifs Are in with a Bang 

The year is witnessing the use of bold serifs in various aspects of the website. Serif font is always known for its distinctive and high-contrast nature. It is thus widely used in headings and big titles, callouts and also for text-heavy designing. This font adds character to letters making them more recognizable and adds a whimsical impression to them. That’s the reason why any good website designing company in Noida or Delhi is using it to add that classic touch to the website design.


Black-and-White Palette Is Back in Vogue

After experimenting with various colour palettes, any competent web development company in Noida, Delhi or even abroad is back to Black and White palette in this year. Black and white have always been a classic combination, something that speaks of class and sophistication with its striking visual perception. The website designers are getting creative with this theme laying a lot of emphasis on CTAs, buttons and other points of interest. These CTAs, in contrast, gain the attention of users instantly and motivate them to take prompt action. 


Focus Is on Natural and Organic Shapes

Shapes are used in websites to communicate, separate the content or to divert the attention of a user to a specific area like CTAs. Till now, the shapes used were systematic grids, but the year 2019 is of asymmetrical shapes and fluid lines. Gone are the days when the designers were enclosing everything right from text and images to modules in a rectangular or a square box. Today the websites have become lively with natural organic shapes like a zig-zag, diamond etc. Using asymmetrical shapes and other fluid lines add character to the page making it radiate a unique perspective.

Glitch Art

Glitch Aesthetic Art’ is in trend in 2019. It is actually helping in blurring the line that existed till date between the real and virtual world. The web designers, whether they are from a website designing company in Noida or Bangalore, are extensively using the animated glitch effects to create more active and intense images and videos. These visuals then grab the attention of the user and keep them engaged and involved.

They succeed in creating a sense of disorientation and amplify the feeling of urgency, which motivates the user to take action. It resonates with the users’ experience on an emotional, visceral and intellectual level simultaneously. The glitch aesthetic art includes elements like kaleidoscopic effects, lens distortion, glitch shaders, or creating the entire image by making use of various glitch elements. They make the thing very interactive and thus succeed in gaining the user attention and improve the user experience.


The designing world is ever-evolving. The trends we are witnessing now will be replaced by newer ones in the coming years. The technology is advancing with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) becoming a household name. The way we talk, touch or interact is changing and so are the trends in designing. They are becoming complex yet simple. The whole idea is to gain the users’ attention and keep them engaged. For now, web designers have been successful in doing so with the latest trends of 2019.

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