6 Vape Tips for New Users

by Pathlie Lee Business consultant

More and more people are switching to vape. The lack of nicotine in vape juice is a major draw factor for individuals who want to cut down on their nicotine intake. But what exactly are you putting into your body when you vape and use e-liquids? Read on to know more about e-juices. The more you know, the easier it is for you to shop for options.

Think about the nicotine type

You can get two types of nicotine: freebase and salt-based. If you want something that’s less potent, go for the first option. Freebase nicotine is usually vaped in lower concentrations. It won’t give you that nicotine buzz, though, but you’ll have a pretty consistent experience when you vape throughout the day. If you enjoy subtle effects, then pick this one. If you want something a bit more potent, though, the salt nic fits the bill quite nicely. It gives you that buzz along with a strong throat hit when you inhale.

Consider the throat hit

Salt-based nicotine gives a stronger throat hit, which can be a deciding factor for you. If you want that punch to your throat when you inhale, then you won’t feel like something’s missing from your experience when you check out salt-based nicotine options.

Think about the flavor

How important is the flavor to your vaping experience? If you love vaping because it’s made it possible for you to enjoy a slew of flavors, then that means you’ll want to tone down the nicotine content for a bit. That’s because nicotine weakens the molecules in your e-liquids. That takes a bit away from the flavor. If you don’t want that to happen, then keep your nicotine strength low, anywhere from 3 mg to 6 mg when you shop for the best vape juice flavors.

Don’t forget the cloud

Nicotine levels also determine the size as well as the thickness of your fog to some extent. If you love producing those clouds, then you’ll want to go for lower nicotine levels too. That’s how you’ll get those nice fluffy clouds. If you can’t live with low nicotine, though, you’ll need to sacrifice those clouds.

Factor in your experience

How long have you been vaping? If you’ve been smoking for quite a while and you’ve only recently switched to vape, then you may find yourself craving for more nicotine. However, reducing your nicotine intake can help. By quitting cigarettes, you can start reducing the level of nicotine in your e-cig in just a few months.

Monitor your e-liquid

Keep an eye on how much e-liquid you use up in a week. If you want to switch to options with low nicotine content, you may end up vaping much more than usually do to make up for the drop in nicotine levels, Digital Trends says. Start with options that contain high nicotine levels then and work your way from there.

Take your time

Don’t rush through the process. If you’re adjusting to vape, take it slowly. Try out different vape juices until you find the ones you like. Experiment, The Daily Dot says. You’ll enjoy the experience more.

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