6 Best Features of Cloud-based Hotel Property Management Software

by Mycloud Hospitality Software Development

With legacy systems being replaced by modern hotel technology and cloud-based software, hoteliers are adopting a more forward-looking approach to deliver enhanced guest experience. As web-based hotel PMS continues to shape the hospitality industry for larger prospects, hotels are experiencing greater benefits and centralized control over their operations.

In this article, we will discuss the several features of a cloud-based hotel property management software (PMS) to understand how hotel PMS is making hotels future-ready with integrated software and seamless operational functions. These features not only facilitate the backend operations of a hotel but also enhance the customer experience to a great extent, making web-based hotel PMS the newest trend in the hospitality industry!

Features of Cloud-based hotel management software

A cloud-based hotel property management software performs multiple tasks depending on your business needs. Hotel operation tasks can also be automated by integrating with 3rd party applications that meet your hotel operation requirements. A PMS system has the following features at a minimum to ease operations:

1) Reservation

The hotel management system has an integrated reservation feature to help your front-desk staff have a complete overview of bookings and room availability on one centralized platform. Hotels get bookings from different channels, such as website pages, OTAs, travel agents, e.t.c. It might get haphazard to handle these without a proper reservation system, especially for hotel chains operating across many regions.

The reservation module in the web-based PMS consists of a user-friendly dashboard where hotel management can check current and upcoming reservations, keep track of room availability and guests, move them around or make changes to guest bookings if required. It also automates the entire check-in and check-out process through the following features:

  • Giving guests an option to upload documents for verification through a web-based app
  • Digital key on mobile to access hotel room
  • Managing room-related requests
  • Processing Payments at the time of check-out

2) Channel- management system

One of the key aspects of the web-based hotel PMS is the channel management system that helps hotels expand their business across different channels and manage the same with ease.

It allows hotels to source bookings from third-party agents, mobile applications, OTAs, corporate clients, and other sources, integrating all the booking details into a centralized platform. This eliminates the need for manual channel management and eases booking-related transaction management.

The software enables back-end staff to manage bookings from different channels on one platform and update the room availability or room rates in real time across all channels, keeping the booking procedure synchronized and free of errors.

3) Housekeeping

The housekeeping feature of PMS makes communication between the front desk and housekeeping staff seamless, giving the front desk a clear picture of the available rooms, the ones that need to be cleaned, and so on. The housekeeping functionality helps front-desk staff to assign rooms to the housekeeping team that needs to be attended to. Alternatively, housekeeping staff too can update the system about the status of their tasks through a tablet or smartphone.

4) CRM

The hotel industry is largely customer-facing and incessantly aims to improve the customer experience. One of the most profitable features of cloud-based hotel property management software is the CRM functionality. CRM or customer relationship management tools help hoteliers to leverage customer data and make more marketable offers, promotions, and discounts to attract more guests.

A CRM integrated with your hotel management software helps you to collect and organize customer data effectively to discover marketing insights that will enable you to offer personalized experiences to your guests. With this data, you can understand your customer's preferences and trends to help you serve them better the next time they check in.

5) Reporting and Analytics

A web-based hotel PMS can help you understand your business processes and make required changes by providing automated reports on various analytics. From night/day shift report, audit report, and housekeeping reports to tax reports, PMS software have inbuilt functionality to run the existing database and provide data as per your business requirement. These will help you monitor your current processes and re-evaluate them as and when necessary.

6) Back-end Operation Management

The PMS software seamlessly facilitates back-end operations and administrative hotel operations, streamlining the entire workflow and improving visibility for management. These tasks include:

  • Shift management, staff invoicing, human resources management
  • Asset management
  • Inventory analysis
  • Sales and management of marketing campaigns
  • Making reports on consumption costs and hotel expenditure analysis,
  • Feedback and reviews management.

Read on if you’re still wondering whether switching from a legacy system to modern-day cloud-based software would be a worthy investment!

Why is it necessary to have PMS in hotels?

With 70% of enterprises approaching a cloud-based adoption, conventional legacy systems are taking a backseat due to their limited possibilities in acquiring maximized customer satisfaction and profits. With hotel chains worldwide becoming future-ready and adapting to the changing customer demands and expectations, web-based hotel PMS software has become imperative for the hotel industry.

Web-based hotel PMS software offers a comprehensive suite of cost-effective services, bringing in high ROI and boosting revenue growth and efficiency in hotel services. With web-based PMS software in place, you do not need to incur expenses separately on IT teams, software, training costs or cyber security. Cloud-based property management software integrates all these needs into one platform, automating most functions and easing back-end operations, offering you centralized control of the entire operation.

Moreover, your cloud-based system software provider will guide you throughout, offering timely upgrades and maintenance to stay ahead of technological advancements and deliver spotless customer service to your guests at all times.

Implement Hotel PMS Software today!

The business dynamics and customer expectations in today’s world are changing in the blink of an eye. With more hotel chains cropping up every day, hotels need to adapt to the changing times and make the most of cloud-based services that are proving to be extremely advantageous to the hospitality industry.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, it is necessary to incorporate web-based PMS software into your hotel operations and stay relevant and marketable in the increasingly competitive market. Mycloud Hospitality offers the best web-based PMS software and continuous guidance to ensure your business stays ahead of the curve always!

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