5 Ways for seniors to stay connected

by Claire J. Content Manager

One of the biggest challenges elderly people face is staying connected with friends and family. As we age, it becomes increasingly common to live alone which can lead to feelings of isolation.


With Australia’s ageing population, more and more research focuses on how isolation is affecting elderly people. Research by Australian aged care provider, Whiddon Group, indicates that close to 50 percent of seniors living at home report being lonely, compared with around ten percent in the general population.


With more and more people ageing at home it’s important we understand how to combat loneliness and stay connected throughout our lives. Here’s 5 ways for seniors to stay connected.


1.     Social media


It’s usually the younger generations we think about when we hear the words ‘Facebook’ and ‘Newsfeed’ but there’s no reason seniors can’t use social media too. There’s a range of social media platforms, blogs and forums which all have their own purpose.


Facebook, for example, is great for keeping in touch with close friends and family, whereas you might use a relevant forum to talk to others about a mutual interest, for example Reddit has a subreddit on almost every topic out there.


Of course, when you’re online it’s important to take some precautions to stay safe and protect your privacy. Never provide your personal details, like your address, phone number, and financial details when your online. It can be helpful to get a good friend or family member to help you set up your account.


2.     Connect with a support worker


Obviously, you don’t want every social interaction to be solely online. Something that can help a lot of seniors maintain and make new connections is a support worker. Support workers are often thought of as something reserved for those who have no independence, however in reality, it’s quite the contrary.


A support worker, like those on the Better Caring platform, can help you gain independence. For seniors who can no longer drive, have lost confidence, or simply need help with every day activities, a support worker can provide great social support. A support worker can help seniors get to the social activities they love, along with a range of other assistance and support services.


3.     Join a club


Joining a club can be one of the best ways to meet people who have the same interests as you. There’s a range of different options when it comes to clubs. A popular choice amongst seniors is a local bowls club. These are typically cheap to join and include games of bowls but can also include things like bingo and trivia nights and often have reasonably priced meals. Many clubs will even have a bus that can provide transport to and from the club.


Other clubs can include things like Men’s Sheds, Women’s cottages and art groups. You’re sure to find a group of like-minded individuals who can make great friends.


4.     Phone a friend


A simpler and easier option is the good old fashion technique of phoning a friend. Many seniors find that getting a special phone with large buttons and easy dial features makes it easy, especially for the visually impaired. The National Relay Service can help you to make phone calls if you are hearing or speech impaired.


5.     Pets


People with pets almost always report feeling less lonely and feel happier due to the unconditional love and acceptance that pets provide. Of course, getting a pet is a huge responsibility and might not be an option for many elderly people. A good idea instead, is to see if a neighbour needs you to mind their pet for a day.



Staying connected with friends and family is important throughout life. Good relationships where we can share our experiences help combat the problems that come with loneliness and isolation. Whether it’s on the internet, joining a new club or connecting with a support worker, staying connected is key in a healthy life.    

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