7 Cheap Upgrades for Your Garden

by Claire J. Content Manager

Many people would love to spruce up their backyard however landscaping and outdoor furniture can often be expensive. As we come into summer we tend to start considering our outdoor entertainment areas. We think about all the barbeque dinner parties that summer may bring and want to revitalise what might have been neglected through the long winter. Here’s how you can upgrade your backyard without breaking the bank.



Drape Overhead Spaces with Lights

Outdoor lights remain a favourite but also a necessity for outdoor spaces. Done in the right manner and outdoor lights can be more than just lights, they can create a celebratory and fun atmosphere.

Your lights can be anything from fairy lights to hanging lanterns, try to have just enough sparkle to keep the light from being distracting. Think about where you can hang them, look at trees, and poles of an outdoor shelter or drape them down a table for a twinkling centrepiece. Get inventive with colours and shapes.


Store Things in a Shed

When you’re entertaining guests, having a space to store things that aren’t needed can help free up room. Having a garden shed is the best way to keep your garden area tidy as you can quickly put in or take out whatever you need.

There’s a whole range of garden sheds available. What you choose will depend on your needs, preference and the size of your backyard and what you need to store. You can find great Australian made shed at EasyShed.


Use Remnant Stones

One of the most expensive backyard ideas is landscaping, or specifically hardscaping which involves walkways, retaining walls and edging. A way to cut costs is to ustilise stone leftovers. Stone leftovers can be found at your local landscaping or nursery supply store, and they are often less expensive.

These stone off cuttings can be placed together in a dry stack to create an effective sculpture that looks as if it's a natural, always-been-there part of the yard. Think about where this would work well in your garden and plant some low-growing groundcovers to soften the edges.


Consider your areas

Often the best ideas are the simplest. Thinking about what each area of your yard is for can make a huge difference in the atmosphere. Use existing furniture to create different zones. With a few shifts in furniture, you can have clear areas for eating, relaxing, cooking, and more. It doesn't typically involve any furniture purchases as you can use existing pieces. Take a look within your home, will any pieces of furniture work outside? Use rugs to shift traffic or styles of chairs to push people into nooks.


Display a Collection

Collections or a simple gathering of plants in miniature containers can be a great focal point for a backyard. Get creative with how you display your plants. Think about shelves or blank walls where you can add vertical gardens. Low-cost succulents and cactus plants work really well as they require little maintenance and will survive year-round. The easy backyard idea adds a fun pop of colour to the otherwise blank outdoor area or wall.


Paving can be cheap

Paving can often be seen as expensive due to the high labour costs involved. Rather than employing a landscaper to lay down expensive tiles or bricks, consider more cost-effective options. Things like crushed rock and gravel are much cheaper, and if done in a thoughtful manner, can be just as effective.



Do It Yourself

This tip can be applied to almost anything in your garden but certain things like seating and tables can be very easy to make while also being low-cost. Concrete blocks can be stacked, with or without cement, and can then be topped with cushions and pillows to make a simple bench.


You can also use concrete blocks in a stack to make dining tables and bar style benches. Smaller stacks can be made into seats or stools at the bar. This idea is sure to be cheaper and more stable than any outdoor furniture.



With these 7 tips, you can turn your backyard from plain to exciting. With a bit of planning and creative thinking, you can make effective and valuable upgrades without breaking the budget. The process should be enjoyable! Consider what kind of aesthetic you want, where you want your guests to be in your backyard and get creating.

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