5 Proven Ways to Speed Up Weight Loss

by Emma L. Business consultant

If you are reading this article, there’s a great chance that you belong to what is commonly known as First World or that, at the very least, you live in relative comfort that enables you to alter your life habits according to your wishes. And you know how the old proverb goes – where there’s a will there’s a way. If you feel as if you have put on extra weight, you need to get out of the comfort zone and be as determined about your decision as possible. Of course, if you can reach for certain strategies that may aid you in the process, there is no harm in trying them out, and here are 7 proven ways to speed up weight loss.

1. Drink water (but be smart about it)

Drinking enough water in order to speed up weight loss is one of the oldest tricks in the book. However, you have to be smart about it. ‘Eight glasses a day’ is an urban myth, and it can be quite a hindrance as you will be forced to go to the toilet all too often. Instead, drink when you feel thirsty but also enrich your liquid intake with teas. Keep in mind that green tea is not only a perfect antioxidant; it is also renowned around the world as a diuretic that promotes weight loss. Also remember that you are getting a certain percentage of electrolyte-enriched liquid from fruits and vegetables. Oh, and one more thing – cut out any and all sugary drinks!

2. Say goodbye to pastry, white sugar and milk

The key to weight loss is not so much to eat less as it is to eat right. If you want to get that waistline in order, you should start saying no to pastries, and pretty much stay zealous about it even when it’s marketed as high-quality wholegrain fare – it is all too often a hoax. Unless you decide to bake your own bread, don’t even think about pastries. In addition, avoid any processed sweets and snacks with white sugar and stay away from dairy. Now, certain fermented products like yoghurt and cottage cheese are low in calories and they are also good for your gut, so exceptions can be made.

3. Consider supplementation

We’ve all been there. You make the necessary changes in diet, but your metabolism backfires and you begin to feel as if you are sick. Headaches begin to plague your afternoons and you constantly feel hungry. Before you know it – you relapse into worse dietary habits than the ones you had before the change. If you tend to hit such a dead end, you should consider supplementation. Adding vitamin complexes and reliable weight loss pills to a well-balanced and diversified diet is bound to help you push through this threshold and lose weight faster.

4. Divide your meals and conquer your weight

Many people have tried to reduce their food intake to two meals a day, while skipping either breakfast or dinner. Consequently, many of those people actually gained more weight as a result. You don’t want to participate in a standoff with your appetite – you are the one who will always get shot. Two meals a day means that you will be constantly famished, which translates to – no control over how much you eat once you finally sit behind the table. It’s a better strategy to divide your daily intake of food into five modest meals spread evenly throughout the day. Keep it healthy and eclectic and the weight will practically melt off you.

5. Maintain a consistent daily schedule

It has actually been discovered that how much you eat is not as important as when you eat in terms of promoting weight loss. Your body expects food within certain limited time frames – for example, your body may expect a breakfast between seven and eight in the morning and lunch around noon. As long as you keep your meals within these time frames and don’t eat chaotically, you should be in the ‘Goldilocks zone’ for weight loss. This also entails consistent sleeping habits. As a matter of fact, getting more sleep in a darkened room also promotes weight loss. If you can also keep your room cooler while you are asleep, this ‘hibernation’ technique will prompt your body to heat itself up and burn calories.

A lifetime ago, the problem of world hunger lingered over the global leaders like a dark cloud. Nowadays, this problem has not so much vanished as it has shifted in perspective and caliber. The fact still stands that obesity takes more lives today than being malnourished (though both states are serious issues). Food as a source of nutrients has become saturated with taste-enhancing elements and chemicals, so it has become more important than ever to eat a balanced diet and carefully control the food intake.

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