5 Factors that lead to Hair Loss and How to avoid them

by Anamika Sharma Dermatologist and Skin Specialist
Dark, lustrous, and shiny tresses are a dream cherished by every woman. But, it is not restricted to women folks only. Healthy and shiny hair does add chunks of magnetic person everyone’s look, be it men or women. Hair fall is a serious problem which plays foul game with our personality. There could be a number of countable reasons and causes for that. You might be wondering about them and you would be even more inclined to look for their possible solutions. 

In this article, we will elaborate on the various reasons held responsible for hair loss and their probable solutions. If you heed your kind attention to this and implement accordingly, you might be able to push back the occurrence and frequency of hair loss.

• Your food builds your hair – Believe it or not, but what you are eating today is going to constitute your hair tomorrow. Proteins are known components of healthy hair and hence are also called building blocks of hair. If you supply the right dose of protein to your body, your hair would reflect the same in the form of health, strength, and shine of hair.
• Bid farewell to your anxiety and stress – Stress has been omnipresent since the inception of the universe. But, then the level, magnitude, and aging of stress have grown substantially. It has to be agreed that our body has the capability to deal with normal levels of stress. But, what if it goes to infinity and becomes chronic. It starts playing havoc on our hair health and hair starts falling leading to baldness and hair loss. Thus, you need to say goodbye to stress for regaining your hair health.

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• As you age, your hair loses their strength and stamina – As we age, so our body parts become fragile including hair follicles. Our hair tends to break easily and does not even grow easily. These situations lead to hair damage and hair loss. One way to curb these ill effects is to indulge in a healthy and balanced diet full of protein, vitamins, and minerals.

• Maybe your genes need to be blamed for hair loss – Saying this our idea is not to panic you, rather make you alert and provide relevant solutions for same.  Yes! Sometimes it may be occurring just because of the genetic reasons. But, it really does not mean that it cannot be cured and controlled. Early detection of the same can give huge chances of recovering from baldness and hair loss. Clinical advancements have given birth to procedures which can even challenge the genetic hair loss and check it largely.
• Pollution and smoking are the rigid culprits for hair loss – Well! I know, you are really thankful for living in the modern accessorized world which is both comforts as well as speed-laden. But, pollution is a deadly by-product of modernization and it has harmful impacts on your hair as well. 

Pollution and dirt lead to the production of a plaque on the scalp which can highly diminish and retard the hair growth. It even hinders the complete blood circulation in your scalp which leads to the poor health of your hair. Further, if you are addicted to smoking, you need to quit that immediately as it is one of the turbulent cause of hair loss. 

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