Laser Hair Removal - Which Areas of the Face and Body Are Most Suitable For Treatment?

by Anamika Sharma Dermatologist and Skin Specialist
Do you really think like any particular body area is more appropriate for laser hair removal? Well! You may be partially correct. It is because lasers can work on any part of the body where hair grows and is unwanted. But, it is equally correct to mention that there are certain areas of the body which give comparatively more appropriate results for laser hair removal. These areas include lip and near-by areas, bikini, chin and underarm. While lasers claim to make any body part hair-free, these areas are especially easy to work on and require a lesser number of sessions.

But, Only stating the facts could not replenish your satisfaction. You must be wondering to know the big WHY for this fact. Let’s find it out

Why lips get the best results from laser hair removal 

When it comes to face, women carry the misconception that face is a relatively delicate area of the body and lasers are meant for harder parts only. This is completely false and is best demonstrated by the level of results that women are getting with lasers being done on to the regions of the upper and lower lip area. Laser hair removal removes unwanted hair very efficiently and safely from the upper and lower lips area.  

Underarm get the best end result from the lasers, why?

Mostly, underarms hair are thick and coarse which makes it quite suitable for the procedure of laser hair removal. As laser light is attracted more towards dark pigments of hair follicles than lighter ones. Thus, it works perfectly for the underarm area.

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You could get most satisfied from bikini laser hair removal!

Generally, women are scared of laser procedures for their intimate parts fearing that it might lead to some damage. But, that is not so. It is quite safe and even works very effectively in removing unwanted hair. So, you can enjoy hair-free skin just by going through the process of laser hair removal in several sessions. It also ensures maximum hygiene and safety for your intimate parts as you won’t be required to visit the salon frequently for removal of hair.    

Laser hair removal does maximize justice to your chin

Chin is a protruding part of the face and it completes your entire beauty in a way. As the surface of the chin is very clearly defined, thus laser hair removal works best for it and removes unwanted hair in no time. Other options like waxing, shaving, or even threading are not safe and comfortable for your face. Lasers work in a very targeted manner. Hence, no damage is incurred to the skin. But, that is not so in the case of traditional hair removal procedures.

Eventually, it can be concluded that laser hair removal has given a completely fuzz-free alternative for removing unwanted hair. They are safe, secure, effective and medically approved. What else could you expect? And yes! It does work excellently for every body part. The parts mentioned above are only quoted to mention that they are easy to go with and other parts may require some extra sessions. 

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