4 Key Benefits of Having a Card Access Control System at Your Office

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Before going directly to the benefits of the door access card reader system, let’s talk about how it works. Access control means restricting access to a group of people while preventing unauthorized personals from entering your office premises.


For example, you may want to restrict your regular employees to a certain point of the building after that point, only upper-level employees like managers or department heads can enter. So, the access control system will allow you to restrict different individuals from entering a certain room where confidential files are kept or the server room of your business or the accounts department. There will be an HID card that will have all the information of an employee. So, when they will touch the card on the reader, the system will open the doors. These days many business owners are also using a fingerprint door lock system to secure their assets, but we would discuss that in another article.

Fingerprint Door Lock


The card door access system has multiple benefits, but we are going to tell you about the 4 most amazing ones that will inspire you to install the system inside your office.


No more lost keys


In any company that is still relying on the conventional lock and key system will face certain instances where an employee will quit and fail to return the company keys. Then you will have to bear the expanse of making a new key and may also have to change all the locks. If the employee was terminated on a suspicious ground than you will have no option left than to change the entire lock and key system.


However, the access control system will not let you go that far and you won’t have to. If you have an access control system, all you have to do is to remove their access as soon as they quit the job. Even if one of your employees has lost their card, you can easily terminate the old one and make them a new one.


Know who is coming and going


No matter what type of business you are doing, you need to keep track of your employees as well as your visitors. The card access system is not only made to provide or restrict entries, but they also keep track of everything. If you have a card access system, you won’t have to keep a logbook to keep a tab on the entry and exits.


This system will benefit you in multiple ways as now you will not only be able to restrict the unauthorized entries but will also able to keep track of the time when each employee is entering and exiting the office premises. It will note the time when an employee will enter the premise, and if they are late, it will help you during the payroll processing.


No undetected strangers


If you own a large business, anyone can sneak inside the office premises undetected. A large company will have hundreds of employees, so it is not possible for everyone to each other.

Even the traditional visitor’s book system won’t come handy as you can never know if they have given you the right information or not. An access control system will allow an individual to enter only if they have a valid HID card, so there will be no instances of undetected entries.


Reduce chaos during after-hour shifts


If a business has multiple shifts, a large number of employees will always be leaving and entering the premises. But if you have the access control system, there will be no problem in handling the foot traffic.

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