Benefits of card access control system from security point of view.

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At a time, when security emerges out as the major concerns among businesses of all types and sizes, it is necessary to have a full-proof system in place. Considering this, access control system is taken as a powerful tool to improve business efficiency and benefit an organization in various ways. Let’s find out how and why.

Improve payroll efficiency

Modern card access control system in Dubai can supply data in a format that is readily compatible with payroll packages, so the tedious and error-prone process of entering staff attendance data manually can be completely eliminated. Even in moderately sized organizations, this leads to useful savings and efficiency improvements in the payroll department and, for larger organizations, the savings can be very substantial.

Enhance premises security

Now let’s look at what an access control system can do inside the building. It can, of course, be used to limit access to specific areas, ensuring that only authorized staff can enter them. Particularly in multiple occupancy buildings, it is often also useful to tie the operation of lifts into the access control system, so that users can only send the lifts to the floors occupied by the company for which they work.

It’s worth understanding that access control can also take into account the time of day and day of the week. This means that staff who have access to a building or an office during normal working hours can be barred at other times. Conversely, cleaning staff can be allowed access only after the normal working day is finished.

Some systems can go further by, for example, providing an effective solution to the perennial problem of bookings for meeting rooms and similar shared facilities, making it possible for authorized users to book the room or facility on-line. Then, at the appropriate time – but not at other times – their access control badge or card will allow entry. Arguments over bookings and wasted administrative time controlling the bookings manually are eliminated.

Cost savings

Many organizations these days are using access control passes to control printing and photocopying – before they can make a copy or print a document, the pass holder has to present their pass to the machine. This not only means that unauthorized usage is eliminated, but also that records can easily be kept of the volume of copying and printing carried out by individual users. This is a big incentive to print only what is necessary, thereby saving costs, protecting the environment.  It also ensures the security of confidential documents.

Cashless vending services can also be implemented using the same access control passes. This avoids the expense and inconvenience of having to issue separate passes, and also means that when a pass needs to be issued, cancelled or updated, the job only has to be done once. Again, this can lead to big savings in administrative time and costs.

Ease in car parking

Clearly modern card access control system in Dubai has a lot to offer, but when it comes to installing such a system, there is always one element that we have not considered. This is availability of budget or lack of it. Before assuming that there is insufficient money available to install a system, it is worth looking again at the features and facilities discussed in this article, many of which lead directly to cost savings.

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